Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

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AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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  • AAC maintains a Solution Centre
  • AAC maintains Aruokun Commune For Gifted Children (ACGC) Mission Statement here

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ARUOKUN as Aruokun is “eye”, theatre, PRESENCE, cross-universes (as in crossroads), square (as in village or market square), and platform of OKUN. Starters of the world carried out the originating creation through SONGS or OHHUN at ARUOKUN. ARUOKUN is where diverse creators (including human beings) commune with spirit (erinmwin) of Provident OKUN. ARUOKUN being cross-universes, people commune in spirit with other universes through HEAD. Community is “ancestral”, because (a) human beings derive essential biological form from same source as “talismanic beings” (observable in Talismanic Atmosphere until date), (b) We sing SONGS or OHHUN inherited from founders who started world or OSAGBAYE. Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) is people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN.


Facilitate commune with Provident OKUN.

Reform Personalities and Enhance Growth toward Spiritual Sovereignty.

Train and guide in revealed ARUOKUN mysteries, and in conformity with Divine Master Plan.

Teach doctrine of gaining control without physical violence, and living under UGR (Universal Golden Rule).

Work through ARUOKUN COMMUNE for spiritual and drugless healing (Upgraded From Rudrakh Drugless Therapy (RDT)). Cure people of all curses, including those that owe to particular potions, oaths, and spells from initiation rituals in ancestral shrines.

Mission Statement (ACGC)

Priesthood, church, traditionalists, sorcerers, necromancers, demonologists, and other African people accuse children of witchcraft for exercising mystical powers they do not understand. Witchcraft predators use Children-Victims for rituals. They use human blood and body parts as ingredients in witchcraft or voodoo practices, in quest for wealth and power.

We will separate the children from their tormentors; deliver them from shrines and banks of human body parts (used as ingredients in witchcraft practice or rituals). Establish and run with them, a commune as “Aruokun Commune for Gifted Children” (ACGC). We will help the children gain control over forces, energies, and mystical powers they otherwise accessed naturally without understanding. Heal the children of “ancestral curses” they contacted in shrines, temples, or by living with “ritualists”. These include curing them of potions they ate; undo oaths they took or curses put on them; cancel spells cast at them as preparation to be sacrificed in ritual murder.  We will cleanse them of contamination or corruption of spirit and souls without physical violence or cowing them. Alternative to trying to exorcise “witch” from them is rehearsal in Aruokun Commune For Gifted Children (ACGC) Give them secular education as part of rehabilitating them to prepare them for living in modern society. Teach them doctrine of gaining control without physical violence and living under UGR (Universal Golden Rule). Train and guide them in IDUNAN mysteries.

History Of AAC

Harbinger of Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) was organization formed in nineteen sixties in Edmonton, Canada. Establishing it followed healing of a mentally challenged Mrs. X (see IDUNAN).

Origin In Nigeria

We had upsurge in glorification of witchcraft in 1983 in Nigerian press. Confessed wizards broadcast they were going to hold a “world conference of witches and wizards” in West Africa. The Oboiro countered the propaganda with articles in news media. He started a weekly column in “Nigerian Observer” newspaper titled “Biosophy”. (He published a book titled Biosophy: Path To Realistic Predictions In Life Without Death, based on articles of Column.)

Readers responded all over West Africa with letters. Many traveled to Benin City from outside Nigeria to discuss practical metaphysics written about in the column. Some sought divination for solution to their nagging spiritual problems. Spontaneous healing took place during discussions and consultancy sessions. We understood later that spontaneous healing, among other startling events, are instances of IDUNAN, a standard of The Oboiro.

People soon came for consultancy and healing; many were healed.  He eventually established a regular therapy center where he attended to people regularly. He named it Rudrakh Drugless Therapy Center.

Correspondence kept pouring in so he established a regular correspondence school to teach metaphysics of language that he first called RUDRAKH. He had established Rudrakh Drugless Therapy Center where he carried our oboirodivination, and healed without drugs. He created “oboiromirror” for oboirodivination in this period. He composed healing OHHUN for oboirodivination, healing, and intercession. Spirit was to reveal true name of language as OHHUN to him on OKE ARUOKUN (physical Mount) during Aruokun Session in Commune.

Just as he did decades earlier in Canada, he founded an umbrella organization called FARIKA BODI RAUL PANDR (FABOUL for short). The organization was later renamed Faboul Cownic Worldwide. “COWNIC” is acronym for “Common Wealth Of Non-Idolater Citizenry”.

Objective was “To Reform Personalities and Enhance Growth toward Spiritual Sovereignty” A branch was incorporated (2008) in Atlanta Georgia USA as Faboul Cownic, a nonprofit organization. Website was

It became “Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)” after revelations on OKE ARUOKUN (2010). This confirmed his Oboiro Mandate. Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) is people continuously in presence of OKUN.


AAC includes many parts; one is the Commune. Membership includes members of former FCW and others; they who believe in revealed message of ARUOKUN, register. (Re Membership.) We conduct (DU) ARUOKUN SESSIONS according to revelation on OKE (Mount) ARUOKUN. Inaugural session was held on physical Oke n Anubode at Ughoton.

ARUOKUN SESSIONS are as if people gathered at a village square to hold council, market square to trade, and stadium for games.  Aruokun Session, therefore, is in progress when Members of ARUOKUN COMMUNE congregate to rehearse and commune with Provident OKUN.

ARUOKUN COMMUNE is structured with various parts, each part according to purpose. (See Aruokun Commune here).


The Oboiro or other, who coordinates affairs of Aruokun Commune, is not a link between you and OKUN. Recognizing this difference is important. Your link to OKUN is personal and direct; link might otherwise be facsimile e g Aruokun Home Version (AHV). People who misunderstand this believe and act as if they joined the Oboiro or other officers. You do not join the Oboiro; you become part of Aruokun Community. You may join a Commune close to you (for example) to hold rehearsals or other communal activities. You are separate and distinct human being. One does not come before another in ARUOKUN or in presence of OKUN.


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