Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

~~eko aRUOKUN~~



AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

        1. Aliens/extraterrestrial forms--ETF: Extraterrestrial forms (ETF) e transcendent FORMS that can reveal them in human or other shapes. We do not think of them as beings or extraterrestrial beings. They manifest briefly anywhere on Earth, and to whom they choose, and in forms that suit them.Hence, the ancients call them by a name, namely, OSA GB AYE, meaning OSA pervades AYE or universe. Chosen people such as The Oboiro work with universal and primordial ETF. Indigenes of Ughoton know them as “computer people” (CMPTPL). ETF are coordinating winding down of evil world and realigning Earth to divine Master Plan. The Oboiro has encountered ETF in various forms. There are zones where they manifest on Earth. These coincide with holy mounts where they have been encountered over the millennia. Furthermore, watery/misty/smoggy atmosphere or presence of large body of water facilitates their manifestation so certain people can observe a form of them. (See Talismanic) Not every person can discover them. This difference distinguishes them from “aliens” in photographs or internet that trappers caught in snares, researchers caught on cameras and videos, or allegedly matted with women or even impregnated them. Another significant difference between every ETF The Oboiro encountered on one hand, and aliens whose images are in photographs on internet and elsewhere, on the other hand, is that ETF could not have been photographed because their appearances are unpredictable. One could not have prepared for their appearance to capture their images. 
        2. ARUOKUN as Aruokun is “eye”, ARUOKUN is display station, platform, or theatre, PRESENCE, cross-universes (as in crossroads), square (as in village/market square), and platform of OKUN. Starters of the world carried out the originating creation through SONGS/OHHUN at ARUOKUN. ARUOKUN is where diverse creators (including human beings) are in communion with spirit (erinmwin) of Provident OKUN. ARUOKUN being cross-universes, people commune in spirit with other universes through HEAD. Community is ancestral owing to SONGS/OHHUN inherited from founders who started world. Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) is people continually in presence of OKUN. ARUOKUN is esoteric name of Oke (Mount) n Anubode.
        3. Ancestral: Community is ancestral because (a) they derive their essential biological form from same source as “talismanic beings”; (b) they sing SONGS/OHHUN inherited from founders who started world/OSAGBAYE.
        4. Community: Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) is people continually in presence of OKUN through HEAD.
        5. Divination: Divination is, “practice of attempting to acquire hidden knowledge and insight into events [past, present, and future] through the direct or indirect contact of human intelligence or head with the supernatural".
        6. EBO (pronounced with the 'e' as in 'effect') A medium called EBO pervades AYE, the universe in which ETF started OSAGBAYE. Ebo is a sort of transcendental raw material, which transmutes into the realization of that expressed as prayer or will (re akhase).  OKUN coexisted with EBO from the beginning. They are however, separate and different; while OKUN is creative and sustains OSAGBAYE and EARTH, ebo pervades AYE as passive agent of creators. Objects or entities in which Ebo inheres include the LiveAxe, Aruokun Home Version, and other agents from AAC. For us at AAC, we distinguish Ebo/EBO from ebo; Ebo is medium or mystical energy that pervades the universe while ebo is artifact or physical means in which Ebo inheres as its life or power. Every humanbeing is in Ebo as Ebo is in them; they have no choice whether to utilized Ebo. Ebo (lower case) on the other hand, serves as means and agents;   each person decides whether to use them. Ebo is no obeah.
        7. Edo: Kingdom, people, and language of people who live in Edo Sate, southern Nigeria. The Oboiro is ethnic Edo or Benin. African ideas on the page are from Edo language common to many African peoples.
        8. hi: The Oboiro calls it spiritual guardian of one’s destiny (others may call it one’s guardian angel/spirit). Ehi to the common people includes those of the living, those that are reincarnated, others yet to be incarnated, and of the “dead”.
        9. ENIKARO (always plural): (always plural): ENIKARO—in Edo--are beings who lived once in physical form as people. ENIKARO-to-be who dies, must go through training or initiation on OKE (Mount) ARUOKUN to become one on graduation. They will not re incarnate as human beings. Concept of mortality no longer applies to them. Hence, they are free from human limitations of senses. They neither demand nor receive offerings. They do not fall in the category of dead ancestors, , Loas, and Orisha, that people worship. These are not vexatious ancestors, or ancestors on whom slavery thrives; they do not blackmail people to appease them. They would intercede VOLUNARILY on behalf of humankind (not limited to their descendants) when necessary or possible. Rituals do not exist for invoking them neither are there rituals for their worship. UKHURE (UKHU ORRHE) or HEAD represents them among people.
        10. rinmwin as erinmwin are supernatural, incomprehensible, invisible and transcendental Beings, incomprehensible language spoken in the spiritual worlds, invisible and transcendental beings or creators that existed before the beginning of the world ((include primordial ancestors of humankind), and ETF--extraterrestrial beings. Others are souls, spirits, and rinmwin of the dead dwell on “Initiation Mount Anubode” as trainees. rinmwin on the Mount are busy creating and engineering the destiny of the Universe that includes lives. In other words, everything that is above the understanding or comprehension of the intellect is rinmwin.
        11. IDUNAN is manifestation of spontaneous startling event associated specifically with mystical means of AAC bearing Ebo, The Oboiro, and extraterrestrial forms (ETF). IDUNAN serves as divine EVIDENCE, Ebo of Custodians who chose Oboiro and others with their mandate.
        12. Ikor (African word pronounced eekor) The ikor is the person, entity, spirit-form, institution, organization, or being who monitors the victim closely, every step with the sole purpose of frustrating the victim’s every attempt in life. The ikor seeks to be the only God of the victim, who determines the victim’s fortune and future. The ikor’s main strategy, which preys only on “friends”, is to become a close ally who would be there at every opportunity to "help". The need for the help always arises from ikors’s diabolism. The ikor would convert any attempt by the victim to succeed in anything, or to create own wealth into a source of annoyance and frustration that would only be reduced by the "benevolence" or intercession of the ikor. Enemies in the priesthood and secret societies raise ikor among biological children and members on one’s household. The devil is ikor of God.
        13. Motto: “We thank our head(s)” A woman exclaimed, “We thank our head(s) . . .” during interview with a TV journalist. Passersby had discovered a secretly planted bomb (IED) close to where petit traders (including the woman) displayed their wares. Police disarmed it describing it enough to devastate area of over fifteen meters wide. The woman thanked the heads of those whose lives were spared owing to the timely discovery.She said, “WE THANK OUR HEAD(S), THAT THE THING WAS DISCOVERED IN TIME”. Lesson: She did not thank gods, ancestors, Loas, and Orisha, neither known gods (or deities), nor God of worship; instead, her spontaneous response was to affirm the supremacy of “head” in spiritual protection of us all.
        14. Oboiro: Oboiro is revealer of mysteries of ARUOKUN—physical and transcendent ARUOKUN. He has associated capabilities of a metaphysician, interpreter, and diviner. Oboiro is a spiritual guide; will coach you to acquire miraculous powers, and unique mystical and spiritual capabilities that distinguish the African from rest of humankind. (See African The Ebo Maker). He teaches by decoding, unraveling, and espousing revelations of mysteries. Oboiro bears messages to and from forebears of humankind (“ancestors”), among divine beings, and between man/woman and various spirits of destiny (Ehi). Roles of the Oboiro are at heart of realization of Ancestral Deliverance and Healing of humankind.  Oboiro is Ebo in human form. See Oboiro Mandate
        15. OKUN: At the beginning, “waters” with thick atmosphere extending into outer space enveloped Earth. The waters enveloping the Earth resulted in atmosphere so dense it shut out the light from the sun.  Particular Spirit (erinmwin) called OKUN moved in the waters and atmosphere. Founders of the world or OSAGBAYE separated the waters from Earth on arrival. Waters became the Oceans. Many ethnic groups named the Oceans of the world after OKUN. OKUN was, before the arrival of those who started OSAGBAYE. OKUN was, before creation on Earth, no matter the religion. OKUN has erinmwin or Provident SPIRIT; its erinmwin is transcendent and supernatural, incomprehensible, and invisible. OKUN is source of life, and ARUOKUN its platform or presence. Its erinmwin can take on various forms on ARUOKUN; it can be gargantuan white building, homesteads, highways, or abstract image on ARUOKUN; it can appear as ETF--extraterrestrial forms.
        16. OHHUN: When founders of OSAGBAYE arrived, they could not see in the atmosphere that they met on Earth. OHHUN is name of SONG they sang to gain sight and insight. OHHUN and primordial language of dwellers of Oke ARUOKUN are the same. A true name of everything that exists is its erinmwin and in OHHUN. Calling the name brings it into existence. E g if you knew the true name of anything such as fire, fire would manifest spontaneously if you sing it. One creates entities and spirits as one chants OHHUN of names; a corollary of this, is that the spirits may not have been entities that was, outside one’s creations.
        17. OSAGBAYE: Humankind lives in OSAGBAYE, a spiritual Earth, and mystical universe of reality, mysteries, life, spirituality, and prosperity. We call them waters, atmospheric stuff comprising of vapor, mist, water, gaseous elements, smog, etc. The waters enveloped planet Earth before they were separated from Earth at commencement of creation of OSAGBAYE.
        18. Talismanic: Talismanic atmosphere or severe weather-related condition is analogous to toxic atmosphere owing to industrial pollutants from smokestacks, and acid rain. Unlike in smog of industrial pollution, talismanic severe weather produces humanoids.   They do not remain permanently of the physical world; they are of another world such that the barrier separating that world and the physical world is bridged during severe weather with heavy precipitation; this allows them to be perceived by some people.  We share ancestry with them; barrier that separates us is an illusion of the senses; they are potential partners with which we should work to gain control in consonance with Divine Plan. (See Talismanic)
        19. Universal Golden Rule (UGR) by which CUSTODIANS will judge the earth says, “Do only those things, which if everyone were to join you in, would advance security, peace, hope, sanctity, and prosperity. On the other hand, “Never do anything, which if others were to follow would lead to ordeal of suffering for all.”  Alternatively, “Engage only in such behaviors, which if everybody were to engage in wholesale, would increase the maximum GOOD of the maximum number”. On the other hand, “Do not engage in acts which if everyone were to emulate would increase the suffering or death of all.” This is to guide you, humankind, and terrestrial beings.
        20. Vlekete Syndrome: Humankind in general, and Africans and their descendants in particular, is sick with a spiritual malady like single person sick with malady. The Oboiro named the ailment Vlekete Syndrome after Vlekete Shrine in Badagry, Nigeria. (See Vlekete Syndrome)

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