Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

~~eko aRUOKUN~~



AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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Oboiro Destiny Control Project (ODCP)

According To Divine Mandate of The Oboiro,

Realization Of Divine Plan of Salvation For Humankind,

“We thank our head(s)”


Divine mandate and authorization of The Oboiro is about salvation in life without death, or beyond death and paradise. The mission is to make practical, revelations from OKE (Mount) ARUOKUN in our time that humankind might be saved. He delivers message of Divine Plan that relevant people (priesthood and others) should raise geniuses instead of breeding demons, hybrid monsters, and zombies. That The Oboiro is genuine, spontaneous healing and other startling manifestations called IDUNAN keep occurring with his presence everywhere, including in Edmonton. Canada. Divine Plan here.


Why have Africans not recovered from slavery? Others, e g Israelites and Slavonic countries, have. A Slavonic country rose to super power of which Africans are witnesses.

Why are Africans and descendants worldwide, the race in which others trade as slaves—centuries of trans-Sahara slave trade, and further centuries of transatlantic slave trade? Why do Africans capture and trade in Africans? They seem only ones who did this in History. See Awesomeness Of Crippling Syndrome


Oboiro Destiny Control Project (ODCP) derives from particular divine mandate to the Oboiro.

Divine essence of people (especially of Africans) are of extraterrestrial forms (ETF’s), their OHHUN (SONGS founders of the world sang on arrival to gain sight and through which they called events in to existence), transfigure people.  The Oboiro is to utilize this power in his divine mandate—unleash miraculous powers (ebo-energy) that otherwise lay dormant.

Extraterrestrial forms (ETF) are transcendent FORMS that can reveal them in human or other shapes. They manifest appropriately anywhere on Earth and to whom they choose. Hence, the ancients called them by a name, namely, OSA GB AYE, meaning OSA pervades AYE or universe. They coordinate execution of plans to realign breakaway worlds with OSAGBAYE and Divine Master Plan. They choose people such as The Oboiro; they mandate them. Indigenes of Ughoton, Edo State, Nigeria, know them as “computer people” (CMPTPL).

Not every person can discover ETF. This difference distinguishes ETF from “aliens” in photographs or internet that trappers caught in snares , researchers caught on cameras and videos, or allegedly matted with women or even impregnated them. researchers on cameras and videos. Another significant difference between every ETF The Oboiro encountered on one hand, and those whose images are in photographs on internet and elsewhere, on the other hand, is that ETF could not have been photographed because their appearances are unpredictable. One could not have prepared for their appearance to capture their images. Besides, they are mystical with fleeting images. The ancients called them OSA, same word used for God or divinity.


Cardinal message or Divine Mandate, is the command that world should raise geniuses instead of breeding demons, hybrid monsters, and zombies.

Oboiro is one of the chosen to form community for people who should not perish. They would be community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN through HEAD.  They are of Aruokun Ancestral Community—AAC.


See Objectives, as are amended through our literature, especially the website you are now reading. See 6-WayJunction. Other aspects include Aruokun Sessions and Publications: Books, Magazines, and Electronic versions as e-zines, e-books, Radio, TV, and internet programs)

Liberation And Defense Of Witchcraft Children—Our Future

Witchcraft children persecuted for “evil occurring around them” may be releasing ebo-energy. It is not their fault; people should not cajole or hector them to confessing to be healed. Sorcerers/witchdoctors in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa, use their blood as ingredients to manufacture talismans, juju, or mojo. The witchdoctors either slaughter them, or drain blood from them alive, while notifying them they will ask for their head in due course! (As just retribution for these heinous crimes, people there “are blessed” with “shaking disease”.) Africans all should work to find ways of converting the ebo-energy into useful healing energy instead of using it for obeah-sorcery to kill, hurt, or to make mojo/juju for money. The world (including Africans) should protect children from persecution as Witchcraft children.(2)

Healing And World Deliverance

Our divine mandate includes reversing breeding phantoms with unknowable ancestry, demons, and hybrid monsters, to raising geniuses instead.

Vlekete rituals and derivatives now form program of initiations into several shrines and religious cults worldwide; however, the prevalence is concentrated mostly in Africa, USA, Brazil, Cuba, Latin America and Black Communities of Canada, Europe, and elsewhere. 

Activities of perpetrators are worldwide. They manifest evil deviations from divine Master Plan of founders of the world through gods, ancestors, and priesthood. They own Vlekete and similar shrines in West Africa in particular and worldwide in general. They recruit members/victims through mundane initiations of SPRA (Spiritual, Psychic, and Ritual Abuse). One could not have grown up in the zone where Vlekete Syndrome is endemic without being sufferer. Hence, you would not be able to cure you without Provident OKUN the deliverer.

Healing in Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) focuses on deliverance from these other worlds and kingdoms of hybrid demons and creatures. At AAC, we unleash the miraculous powers of ebo-energy that inhere in people since beginning of OSAGBAYE.

Healing, delivering, and converting world (process known also as end-time) marks return of humankind to divine Master Plan.  The task is not for people, but for founders who found OSAGBAYE according to Master Plan. However, you need AAC to prepare and avoid annihilation in the end-time.

Our hope is in our heads, provident OKUN, and other powers accessible through ARUOKUN. You will learn mastery of these mystical powers at DESTINY CONTROL FORUM, during rehearsals, through lectures, and through oboirodivination.

Humankind should rely on wisdom that comes only from/through ARUOKUN to guide HEADS. People who rehearse learn to draw on the benevolence of extraterrestrial forms (EFT--See Oboiro Divine Mandate). ETF are coordinating winding down of evil world and realigning Earth to divine Master Plan. They alone are our true companions, friends, and deliverers.

You need to learn the SONGS/OHHUN to benefit from them. Mystery of SABITATA-ALGA will unfold to you as you go through divine-initiation. Details about these are mysteries that AAC reveals to members only, not for the public. You learn OHHUN by rehearsing and singing with The Oboiro or in Aruokun Sessions. All you need do is contact us now.


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