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Eze (Brook) n ‘ EMIMIKPO


Controlling destiny is possible for those who have the knowledge, craft, wisdom, sorcery, or means. Praying the Oboiro way or oboiropraying is control through a combination of all. Practicing oboiropraying centers on action through rehearsing. One should rehearse privately as part of oboiropraying. One rises and gains access to the junction of  universes during rehearsals. Frequent rehearsals in groups is paramount.

ARUOKUN Sessions comprise of OBOIRORAYING that can be broken into parts that include singing (the songs that the founders of the world sing), rehearsals, testimonies about revelations, and narration of other true mystical experiences that follow one who climbs ARUOKUN--a common experience in Ughoton-ARUOKUN. One hears for example, whispers (Raunen in German) always while on ARUOKUN (whether on the visible or invisible plane). General discussions of the communal life of the society are part of extended ARUOKUN SESSIONS; topics include concerns about security, health, wealth, territorial integrity, material, and physical well-being generally.

Oboirodivination or Scanning

Divination and predictions are fundamental to Practical Metaphysics and destiny control as various levels. Divination, predictions of all sorts are worldwide and species wide. The list includes astrology, palmistry, tea leaves reading, casting of objects that include cowries, bones, shells, geomancy, and omens in flight or sounds of birds.  We of ARUOKUN COMMUNITY rely exclusively on Oboiro-divination, as a natural, personal, exalted, and simple way of divination. We call it scanning. Details are in LET US PRAY.

One can justifiably say that one has been to ARUOKUN--mystical ARUOKUN after a session of scanning. One may see diagrams redolent of sigil. One may see glowing patterns as well. The diagrams have similarities with the one at the core of the Logo of ODCP.

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