Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

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AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

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  • ----Aims and Objectives----



=To Reform Personalities and Enhance Growth towards Spiritual Sovereignty=

Faboul Cownic, Inc. is incorporated in Atlanta Georgia as a non-profit organization. It is a branch of Faboul Cownic Worldwide (FCW) founded by Rudrakhosere Dahra Hargaalga Snr. (The Oboiro). Address of headquarters is,

P. O. Box 4045, Benin City, Edo State. Nigeria. 

COWNIC is the acronym for “Common Wealth Of Non-Idolater Citizenry”. “Faboul” stands for the spiritual mission, which is “To Reform Personalities and Enhance Growth towards Spiritual Sovereignty”. Faboul Cownic Worldwide shall be referred to in this By Law as FCW. FCW is formed to promote Spiritual Sovereignty of her members in particular and of Homo sapiens in general. Everyone who accepts the aims and objectives is welcome to join, regardless of race, creed, nationality, or worldview.

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The symbol of the FCW is the AFANGIAKO (see image on top of this document).

Homo sapiens inherited the Traditions that the FOUNDERS of the world “arrived”. The FOUNDERS of the world later “left”, after handing the running of the world to their heirs. We of today are the inheritors of the wisdom, laws, Language, etc. that they handed over. The wisdom, traditions, laws, Language, etc. are the foundation of all our teachings at FCW.

We do not insist that you must renounce your religion before becoming a member of FCW.

Prophecy according to a legend is that a time will come when the Cosmic Snail shall swallow the Cosmic Serpent. We call this The Prophecy. The fulfillment of The Prophecy is inevitable. Many organizations and individuals the world over are taking part in the process of the fulfillment of The Prophecy without knowing it. The founding of FCW and her extension to the USA (for example) forms part of the fulfillment of The Prophecy.

FCW is not about talking. Talking alone does not change lives; TAKING OVER CONTROL (Without Physical Violence) does. We want our members to rewrite their fate or destiny. Rewriting one’s fate or destiny is what we mean by Taking Over Control.

We of FCW rely on transmitting the capabilities of the powers via rehearsals. One benefits when one rehearses privately; it is however very important that one rehearses with other members.

Ebo is the essence of the spiritual resources in each person’s consciousness, thought, and will. It is the supernatural force by which beings organize the universe. It is stored in the bones.

Ebo-powers of the bones are accentuated during periods of communal rehearsal; this includes power surges (re AFANGIAKO) that would not have happened otherwise. Experiences at communal rehearsals banish fears and doubts also. The point to note is this: you are divine, a deity by virtue of being a direct descendant of the FOUNDERS of the world. However, Ebo which already forms part of everybody is being ignited as if with a detonator during rehearsals. The Ebo that had become dormant would be awakened. The Ebo of our bones are to burst forth, perpetuate, and propagate eternally. Our fortune and prosperity, individually and collectively, will sprout and grow forever.



Section 1

The name of the organization is Faboul Cownic (Commonwealth of Non-Idolater Citizenry). It shall be referred to as FCW in this document. It is a non-profit organization. It is a branch of FCW with headquarters in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. 

Section 2

FCW is incorporated in the state of Georgia (USA) as Faboul Cownic, Inc. Its offices are located in Atlanta.


Section 1

    • The ultimate goals of FCW include the following:
    • Facilitate the resolution of the basic problems in man/woman knowing him/her.
    • Emphasize the African understanding themselves.
    • Facilitate the understanding of the self of Blacks or the African by others worldwide.
  • Section 2

Propagate the PROPHECY, which says that the agents of primal evil will be annihilated, heralding the beginning of peace and justice on earth. 

Section 3

(a) To motivate and mobilize the youth to become successful and responsible citizens of the world: i.e. to themselves, family, community, nation and humanity as a whole.

(b) To establish strong family bonds and values rooted in the Traditional African Heritage.

(c) Promote understanding, tolerance, and cooperation in diversity.


Section 1

  • Membership of Faboul Cownic, Inc. is open to any individual interested in joining FCW.
  • There shall be three levels of membership, namely
      • Affiliate,
      • Probationary
      • Full 
  • Section 2: Affiliate Membership
    • (a) Affiliate membership is open to adults, who desire to be associated with FCW without becoming a full member. These include those who may want to support FCW in many ways such as financially, offer their professional services free, etc. They may apply for membership at a later date.
    • (b) The affiliate member must show understanding of the philosophy of FCW, as well as the aims and objectives as stated in this By Law.
    • (c) The affiliate member must abide by the mode of descent dressing as prescribed by the Executive Board
  • Section 3: Probationary Membership
    • The individual desiring to become a member of FCW must complete an application form. The form will be vetted by a vetting committee of FCW and after approval, the candidate pays the registration fees to become a probationary member.
    • The probationary member must show understanding of the philosophy of FCW, as well as the aims and objectives as stated in this By Law in due course.
    • The probationary period is for not less than six months.
    • The individual shall be vetted by the committee at the end of the probationary period. If approved, the individual shall become an authenticated or full member of FCW with all benefits.
  • Section 4: Full Membership
    • Full members are those who meet the conditions of affiliate membership, completed the probationary period, and are approved by the vetting committee.
    • He or she shall uphold the letter and spirit of these By Laws.
    • Full members are also the financial members.
    • The full member shall promote FCW in cash and/or kind.
    • The member must defend and protect the survival and integrity of FCW and all its members.

Section 1: Duties and Responsibilities

    • (a) It is the duty and responsibility of all members to attend FCW functions and meetings, honor the FCW, pay dues regularly, and fees. 
    • (b) All members shall abide by the terms and spirit of the laws and regulations of the FCW as stated in these By Laws.
    • (c) No member shall act on behalf of, or in the name of the FCW unless authorized by the Executive Board or the Director. 
  • Section 2:  Benefits
    • A member of good standing is entitled to participate in lectures and rehearsals.
    • A member shall be entitled to a free copy of lectures when available.
    • Full members are entitled to counseling without cost.
    • Family of a member shall be entitled to mediation in disputes within the family from a committee set up for that purpose.
    • Youths are entitled to advice and counseling without cost.
    • The member in the cases of c, d, and e above must apply in writing or verbally for counseling and/or mediation in family disputes.

Section 1: Expulsion:

Upon the recommendation from the committee set up by the Executive Board for that purpose, a member maybe expelled from FCW by two-third (2/3) majority of the members present at the meeting constituted for that purpose, for reasons or acts deemed to be detrimental to FCW.

Section 2: Loss of membership:

Any member who is in areas of his/her dues or fees for a period of three (3) quarters without cogent explanation shall loose his/her membership. The member shall be notified.

Section 3: Readmission

Any member who loses his/her membership may reapply for admission upon payment of new membership fee and the fulfillment of any other requirements set by FCW.


Section 1: Emergency Meetings

The Director or the Executive Board may call emergency meetings when deemed necessary. Such meetings shall deal with only the emergency for which the meeting is called.

Section 2: Executive Meeting:

    • Executive meetings shall be held once every two months and as otherwise necessary.
    • Simple majority of the executive members present at a meeting shall form a quorum.
  • Section 3: General Assembly
    • General meetings of FCW shall be held once every month.
    • One third (1/3) of FCW membership present shall form a quorum.
    • Each member shall be required to pay dues and fees.
    • Such dues or fees shall be subject to change by the general assembly from time to time.

Section 1: Composition:

  • The Executive Board shall be composed of
    • Director 
    • Assistant Director 
    • The Secretary General
    • Assistant secretary general
    • Treasurer
    •   Financial Secretary
    • Public Relations Officer
    • Assistant Public Relations Officer
    •   Family Officer
    •   Youth Leaders: i. male, ii. Female.
  • Section 2: Source Of Power And Terms Of Office.
    • The executive shall derive its powers from the By Law.
    • Members of the executive (other than the Director) shall be elected by a simple majority of members present at a meeting convened for the purpose.
    • The members of the executive shall nominate one of themselves for approval as Director.
    • Nominated Director must be approved by the Supreme Headquarters in Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria before he can become a substantive Director.
    • When the member nominated for the post of Director is not approved, another name shall be submitted for approval.
    • The current Director shall remain director until replaced in accordance with this By Law.
    • In the event of the death of the Director, the Executive shall nominate one among them to act as Director until confirmed by the Headquarters.
    • An elected member shall serve for four (4) years.
    • A member (other than the Director) shall not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.
    • He/she may contest again after four (4) years.
  • Section 3: Duties Of Executive:
    • The Executive shall manage the affairs of FCW.
    • The Board shall settle all grievances as recommended by the committee set up to investigate such grievances.
    • The board shall deal with all disciplinary matters.
    • The board shall present periodic and annual reports to FCW.
    • The board may set up committees from time to time to handle any issues as it deems fit.
  • Section 4: Functions of the Executive Officers.
  • Director
    • The Director shall be the head of the Georgia Branch of FCW and the Executive Board
    • Shall be responsible for the general administration of the Branch.
    • Shall chair Executive Meetings or delegate powers to any member of the executive Board.
    • Shall cosign all correspondences between FCW and the outside.
    • Shall cosign (with the Treasurer) all bank cheques of FCW.
  • Secretary
    • The Secretary shall take and read minutes of both Executive and general Assembly.
    • Shall maintain the organization’s records, documents, and correspondences.
    • Shall be responsible  for all correspondences and secretariat functions of FCW
    • Shall cosign (with the director) all correspondences between FCW and the outside.
  • Treasurer
    • Shall deposit all moneys of FCW in the account at CITIZENS TRUST BANK.
    • Shall keep records of all financial transactions.
    • Shall cosign (with the Director) all bank checks.
  • Family Officer
    • The Family Officer shall liaise between the family of members and FCW. He/she shall arrange for arbitration to settle disputes in the family. At least one party to the dispute must be a member of good standing.
    • The youth Leaders shall represent the youth in the Executive Board. They shall liaise between FCW and the youth.
  • Atlanta Branch Address:

    Faboul Cownic, Inc.

    P. O. Box 7279,

    Atlanta, GA 30357.


    Head Quarters Address:

    P. O. Box 4045,

    Benin City,

    Edo State.


  • This Constitution will be amended in due cause to reflect change from FCW to ARUOKUN ANCESTRAL COMMUNITY (AAC)