Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

~~eko aRUOKUN~~



AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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“We thank our head(s)”

 Commune With Transcendent Provident OKUN Through ARUOKUN 

ARUOKUN as Aruokun is “eye”, theatre, PRESENCE, cross-universes (as in crossroads), square (as in village or market square), and platform of OKUN. Starters of the world carried out the originating creation through SONGS or OHHUN at ARUOKUN. ARUOKUN is where diverse creators (including human beings) commune with spirit (erinmwin) of Provident OKUN. ARUOKUN being cross-universes, people commune in spirit with other universes through HEAD. Community is “ancestral”, because (a) human beings derive essential biological form from same source as “talismanic beings” (observable in Talismanic Atmosphere until date), (b) We sing SONGS or OHHUN inherited from founders who started world or OSAGBAYE. Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) is people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN.


ARUOKUN COMMUNITY comprises people who live by revealed messages of ARUOKUN. They are perpetually in Aruokun. You can be in Aruokun either physically or spiritually.

You are at Aruokun both spiritually and physically when the OKE is in your view as you step on soil at Ughoton. You get into range where people can perceive erinmwin (spiritual essence, of Oke n Anubode/Aruokun. Purpose is to access transcendent messages or revelations through Aruokun. One can access messages individually and privately as when one scans Aruokun Home Version (AHV)—re oboirodivination. One accesses messages among information while communing with others during rehearsals at sessions.

You are at Aruokun spiritually, when you visualize experience you had when at Ughoton; you are at Aruokun when you relive experiences of being on OKE, at eze (brook of) n Emimipko, Aruoto n Ughoton, (at foot of tree otherwise invisible to the profane), or lake at its foot (spiritual fountain of eze n Emimikpo). You are at Aruokun spiritually, when at original spiritual location (in erinmwin) that facsimile constitutes in physical world. You are in Aruokun when you project (travel in spirit) through the facsimile in your imagination to commune with transcendent universes. You are in presence of OKUN when at OGUA ARUOKUN where The Oboiro dwells. Aruokun is transcendent; as such, you can, and should endeavor, by rehearsing, to be in communion even when not physically in Nigeria or Ughoton.

Difference of being in presence of Aruokun on one hand, and being in Aruokun Session, on the other hand, is defined by whether you are alone (in presence of your head and ehi) or in companion of others with their heads. You are in session when two or more of you gather in presence of the facsimile of Aruokun to sing, pray, and discuss ARUOKUN.

 Tradition of gathering to hold sessions or commune at OKE ARUOKUN manifested being in Aruokun Session day people gathered to receive The Oboiro first time he set foot on Ughoton soil; so it will remain. Erinmwin (extraterrestrial forms--ETF) pointed Aruokun out to him same day. Others did not perceive either Aruokun being presented or the ETF pointing at it. You are in Aruokun Session when you replicate this gathering at Ughoton, day ARUOKUN was revealed to The Oboiro.

Procedure At Aruokun Session

Aruokun Commune occurs when two or more people (one of whom possesses AHV) gather to commune with Aruokun.

Session comprises oboiroraying that can be broken into parts that include singing (the songs that the founders of the world sing to gain sight and insight), rehearsals, testimonies about revelations, and narration of other true mystical experiences that follow one who ascends ARUOKUN; i e communes with Aruokun. One hears, for example, whispers always while on ARUOKUN (whether on the visible or invisible plane).

Order and sequence of activities that comprise Aruokun Session is as revealed on Oke Aruokun. It includes following routine:

A. Opening formalities start with prayer by presiding administrator for the following:

    1. a. Ughoton, Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC), and Nation,

      b. Prayer against those who knowingly impede the realization of our destiny as we have planned it.

    2. a. Prayer for race, kingdom, and citizens to triumph over evil.

      b. Prayer to keep UKHURE and our inheritances. May our children and descendants inherit them after us from generation to generation.

     3. Pray for triumph of our heads.

    4. Prayer for children, orphans, widows, the sick in institutions, the infirm, and others who would not be able to defend them.

 B. Congregational prayers said according to laid down procedures.

C. Sermon or message for the day according to list of topics that had been drawn up at a previous conclave. 

Session closes with closing routine.

D. We may follow regular commune with additional meeting. We discuss communal life of the society. Topics include concerns about security, health, wealth, territorial integrity, material, and physical wellbeing. General discussions of the communal life of the larger society in relation to our community are part of extended universal ARUOKUN COMMUNE

Best Attitude

Best attitude is NOT to think of Aruokun Session as a religious service or worship. We do not gather to appease anyone or anything. Everybody goes to session for own head. “We thank our heads” and commune through it in ARUOKUN. You are there primarily to commune through ARUOKUN first, with transcendent OKUN, and next, with universes, as transcendent ARUOKUN is a junction of universes. Each is there for own HEAD—“covenant” (if there was any as such) would be between individual’s head and Provident OKUN. We worship neither head nor OKUN.


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Quarterly Dues is N15, 000.00 (fifteen thousand Nigeria Naira)


OR $400--quarterly $100MBR8

ALTERNATIVELY, Pay Nigeria Naira or US Dollars into any of the following accounts:

  • Dahra Hargaalga:
  • First Bank (US Dollar by wire or cash deposit) :
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      Lagos. Nigeria.

      Account # 20235 50463

      Swift Code: FBNINGLAXXX

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