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Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

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AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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IDUNAN: Divine Evidence, Ebo Of Custodians/ETF, And Mandate

 “We thank our head(s)”


These  objects (plus Earth and one other) to do with OSAGBAYE. None of them has blood, and nothing to do with Obeah, sorcery, Magic or spiritualism. Esoteric difference between coconut milk from coconut palm and palm-oil of oil-palm is fundamental and treated in Aruokun Sessions. IDUNAN flows from OSAGBAYE not obeah, voodoo, and allied events of necromantic manifestations.

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The Oboiro is associated with IDUNAN in Edo Language.

IDUNAN may be interpreted as manifestation of spontaneous startling event associated especially with The Oboiro or ETF. IDUNAN serves as divine EVIDENCE, Ebo of Custodians who chose Oboiro anothers with mandate. Records show spontaneous healing as IDUNAN with healing that occurred when mentally challenged Mrs. X was healed in University of Alberta Teaching Hospital in Edmonton, Canada. When we sing/chant together, atmosphere is generated that focuses us on OKUN. One hears, for example, whispers always while in ARUOKUN (or presence of OKUN). Violent occurrences happen also such as happened as The Oboiro sang particular OHHUN in his parlor. Example of violent IDUNAN manifested when Ebo (rather than obeah) left his body and shattered ceiling. (See image at TALISMANIC)

Example Of IDUNAN

Mrs. X, wife of his Jamaican friend, had been admitted into the University Teaching Hospital for psychological problem bothering on insanity. He paid her a visit at the hospital and met the woman asleep. As he stood by the bed looking at the woman, mystical energy left his body like a bolt towards the woman. The woman was healed.

The husband and others present broadcast the information. He denied healing her; however, the more he denied, the more people praised him for modesty.  This led to "West Indians" among others nicknaming him obeahman. This culminated in founding a body to help mainly black community. 

He investigated "obeah" and found a definition in Random House dictionary; it showed that "obeah" derives from "obi" in a language spoken by the Bini people of Nigeria. He is from that ethnic group.

"Obi" in Edo Language or Bini means "poison" as from poisoned arrow, or venom as from fang of a viper. Potion projected into drink in narration above shows difference between obeah and obi. A witchdoctor, a witch, wizard, Obo, or adept could project "Ebo" to deliver obeah at a distance (mainly to hurt or kill the victim). Obeah as Ebo must have left his body NOT to kill, but to heal Mrs. X. 

 Ebo sometimes is a word, at other times a beam/bolt.  This illustrates IDUNAN as standard of The Oboiro.

Other such instances include violent storms and heavy rains that overwhelm vehicles on the road, filled houses, or swept off shrines. Others are crop failure, famine, pestilence, catastrophes, and phenomenon that some would believe owe to force majeure. This aspect people dreaded; hence, they (especially witches, wizards, evil ones descended from fallen ancestors) fight emergence of The Oboiro so hard. Such attacks and evil plans increase prevalence of unpleasant IDUNAN!

IDUNAN From Obeah On Day He was Identified Oboiro

A weird example happened day he was identified. He had placed some bottled drinks, kola nuts, kaolin, alligator pepper, and salt on the table to feast the guests according to tradition. He presented drinks bottled from factory to ensure the contents of bottles were not compromised.  He alone decided on the combination of things to offer. They included salt and kaolin put in separate containers. He was to discover that mixing salt and kaolin for rites/rituals meant something special in spiritual world of witches, wizards, and witchdoctors.

The chairperson of the occasion said prayer-like words of rites. He ordered one of the witches present to mix salt and kaolin. She put some mixture in each glass. They opened (from factory) bottled liquor. A man poured the drinks into glasses that already contained a mixture of kaolin and salt; the mixture made the glass opaque as he poured the liquor. He had on the table, five glasses more than the number of my guests present. He planned it that way, so no one could predict who was going to take any particular glass for reasons he shall show presently. He asked each to pick a glass personally (not from a maid or servant). Everyone picked a glass of drink and some glasses remained.

One of the priests/witchdoctors present observed that a foreign object was in his drink. This startled everyone. We all answered in a chorus that drinks bottled from factory could not contain a foreign object. The chief priest/witchdoctor who made the remark was saying a magical potion was in his drink! If he had not discovered it, he would have drunk it. Had he drunk it, he would have been poisoned. The purpose was to cause a transmutation of the drink into a creature that would grow inside the person who drank the potion. Potions have obeah. That contrasts to poisons that have obi. Obi would cause death instantly; obeah would cause delayed death, as it would take some time for the mystical object that would grow in the victim to reach fatal level. He would fall ill later if he survived instant death. He could have survived unhurt if he had certain Ebo-protections in him/her.

Intended victim showed the glass of alcoholic drink to each of us in turns. He saw what looked like a bundled human hair. We were not drinking palm wine. One finds similar things sometimes in aged palm wine. The pertinent point is that it could happen because a mixture of salt and kaolin was in the liquor. Oboiro took all the precautions of extra glasses and serving from factory sealed bottles for this reason--that someone may not accuse him of having laced the drinks with potions.

No one owned to having projected it into the person’s drink. Elders pointed out to Oboiro this sort of thing is what deters people from forming any committee for the sort of noble project as Oboiro envisaged. On one hand, no matter how noble the idea might be, someone would try to cause an incident for which The Oboiro would have been blamed; on the other hand, occasion of identifying The Oboiro must include manifestation of IDUNAN. The public Forum did take place on the appointed date and venue, where he was proclaimed The Oboiro. He realized in retrospect that the villain who projected obeah into the drink succeeded because mixture of salt and kaolin was medium for the purpose.

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