Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

~~eko aRUOKUN~~



AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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Master Divine Plan

That we might realize unique superior capabilities that distinguishus from rest of humankind until salvation.

 “We thank our head(s)”

Motto: A woman exclaimed, “We thank our head(s) . . .” during interview with a TV journalist. Passersby had discovered a secretly planted bomb (IED) close to where petit traders (including the woman) displayed their wares. Police disarmed it describing it enough to devastate area of over fifteen meters wide. The woman thanked the heads of those whose lives were spared owing to the timely discovery. She said, “WE THANK OUR HEAD(S), THAT THE THING WAS DISCOVERED IN TIME”. Lesson:  She did not thank gods and ancestors, neither known gods (or deities), nor God of worship; instead, her spontaneous response was to affirm the supremacy of “head” in spiritual protection of us all.. (Details here)


OKE N ANUBODE is traditional name of the Mount (Oke) in Ughoton of Edo State, Nigeria. One of its attributes is Middle Passage to other universes; consequently, Oke n Anubode or OKE ARUOKUN is cross-universes (as in crossroads). ARUOKUN is esoteric true name.

Visitors experiencing various universes while at the mount, perceive otherwise invisible scenes as buildings, market bustling with people, communities, highways, etc., at various times. Two of such scenes as revealed to Oboiro include gargantuan white building and a spinning symbol of light on the OKE proper; it had shape of spinning pyramid. A beam of energy as light several times that of the sun, emanated from its tip. The symbol illuminated everywhere. The projection from its tip shot into the heavens without visible end. He manufactured geometrically shaped objects as ARUOKUN symbol or facsimile to convey this. 

It symbolizes union of the candidate, their interior sanctuary (IntSanct), and the conclave of the divine beings that prepares them for salvation.  It constitutes the indivisibility of ARUOKUN COMMUNITY and the biological family. It embodies the Divine Plan that anyone can access through it. IDUNAN at appropriate times will manifest reality of source of this message. Those who will not live by revelations of The Oboiro will perish at instant of an IDUNAN.

Africans, as a race, inherited no written metaphysics or treatise on their divine origin, and unique mystical and spiritual capabilities. They have traditions, legends, folklore, and myths. No one espoused before now, ideas central to making sense of their existence and purpose. Oboiro is now mandated to fill this gap. If you are native of Africa, or of African descent, the ideas should be familiar to you, though you might not have read about it elsewhere.

We invite you to contribute what you know, saw, or heard anywhere, including from parents or elders in your community. Your sources should naturally include the “unschooled”, people who have not had the misfortune of being victims of brainwashing by colonial masters and missionaries.

We welcome non-Africans and others not of African descent to contribute. Write comments on our blog.

Divine Plan For Salvation 

Primordial Africans have always lived close to OKE (Mount) ARUOKUN. (Twenty minutes drive from Benin City, capital of Edo Sate, Nigeria.) The source of all wisdom and mysteries on Earth is OKE ARUOKUN. Most people may not know this fact. ARUOKUN is transcendent and not limited to physical Oke n Anubode at Ughoton. ARUOKUN is intersection (cross-universes) that involves innumerable universes.

Divine Plan for our age revolves about raising geniuses instead of breeding demons, hybrid monsters, and zombies.  Extraterrestrial forms are coordinators of end of world project. They want to give people opportunity to access rituals of divine-initiation that they may not perish with rebels who broke away from Master Plan. ARUOKUN is their address on Earth. You can access their plans through Aruokun Home Version (AHV).

ETF are everywhere. They are influencing people constantly. Most people do not notice because ETF could appear in any forms familiar to terrestrial beings.  They would look so natural people would not attach significance. ETF would reveal them only when they deemed it fit. When they do, it would often be when leaving, as they do not converse. They communicate telepathically.

ETF everywhere guide us to structure our lives in the light of revealed mysteries. Humankind will stop being oblivious of wisdom and truth that flows from ARUOKUN. They want to help cure us of curse of Vlekete Syndrome.

Purpose of divine plan in our age is to reveal ways of curing us of Vlekete Syndrome. You can benefit from Ancestral Deliverance & Healing as practiced at AAC; we will remove ancestral curses in your psyche and life; we will override consequences in psyche.  Cardinal step is to acknowledge Vlekete Syndrome and let us work on you to remove ancestral curses. They mandated The Oboiro to make practical, revelations from OKE ARUOKUN in our time including IDUNAN, that humankind might be saved. They revealed ARUOKUN  to guide us and be link and channel for us all to primordial SOURCE of OSAGBAYE. We have also UGR (See Below).

Salvation Ways To Follow

6-Way junction in Aruokun of Deliverance and Healing 

  1. Divine-initiation  in revealed mysteries of ARUOKUN; linking to SOURCE through ARUOKUN 
  2. Unleashing dormant miraculous powers and peculiar mystical and spiritual capabilities as African The Ebo Maker
  3. Realizing Master Plan in OSAGBAYE—Deliverance From Vlekete Syndrome; Raising of geniuses instead of breeding demons, hybrid monsters, and zombies.
  4. Establishing bond of biological family and ancestral links as UKHURE (UKHU-OHRRE). We are mandated to strive to keep and maintain the family unity. Defend and protect the family with appropriate curses when necessary. They revealed UGR by which to guide our daily dealings and interactions with world.
  5. Healing: meeting Special Spiritual Needs (SSN) whose roots are in meme or ancestral racial psyche 
  6. Re-establishing Authority of HEAD in life of every people: Re UHUNMWUNAGHO

Universal Golden Rule (UGR)

Universal Golden Rule (UGR), namely, “Do only those things, which if everyone were to join you in, would advance security, peace, hope, sanctity, and prosperity. Never do anything, which if other people were to follow would lead to ordeal of suffering and anguish for all.”  Alternatively, “Engage only in such behaviours, which if everybody were to engage in wholesale, would increase the maximum GOOD of the maximum number.” Alternatively, “Do not engage in acts which if everyone were to emulate would increase the suffering or death of all.”

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