Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

~~eko aRUOKUN~~



AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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“We thank our head(s)”

Solution Center: No one can attain set goals in life unless guided through accurate divination. Us of ARUOKUN ANCESTRAL COMMUNITY rely exclusively on oboirodivination--personal, exalted, and simple way of accurate divination. We call it scanning through Aruokun Home Version (AHV). No other choice is as reliable on Earth.  You will neither lose your way again, nor will evil overwhelmed you.

Healing-Deliverance: Human beings on their own cannot deliver you or heal you. ETF will guide us through revelations in Aruokun Home Version, until salvation at transcendent Aruokun (erinmwin Aruokun etebite). Your head in conjunction with Provident OKUN and others, we point out for you to acknowledge will heal and deliver you by grace.

Divine Plan for our age revolves about raising geniuses instead of breeding demons, hybrid monsters, and zombies.  Extraterrestrial forms are coordinators of end of world project. They want to give people opportunity to access rituals of divine-initiation that they may not perish with “fallen ancestors”. ARUOKUN is their address on Earth. You can access their plans through Aruokun Home Version (AHV).

Aruokun Sessions: Purpose is to access transcendent messages or revelations through Aruokun. One can access messages individually and privately as when one scans Aruokun Home Version (AHV)—re oboirodivination. One accesses messages among information while communing with others during rehearsals at sessions.

Ebo: Most people who go to Oke n Anubode/Aruokun may see physical thing that looks like a forest. Similarly, cheats, or the profane looking at the ARUOKUN symbol (including home version), sees physical object. People who own the symbol can take this as a test of their true nature, intentions, or level of development.

People attempted witchcraft and demonology with ARUOKUN Home Version and failed because of superiority of its Ebo. Oracles and artifacts used by witchdoctors and members of various priesthoods as chief, (high, powerful, etc.) priests for divination, cannot divine powers and attributes of AHV. They cannot “see” or link to it.

The revealed symbol is a link or channel that serves access to other universes. People are likely to communicate successfully if they can see a form. Hence, CUSTODIANS who coordinate events at this end-time revealed it to help people focus and scan; presence of OKUN through it elevates human intellect and imagination to receive divine revelations.

Symbols that underlay PRACTICAL METAPHYSICS are not through fabrication. AHV came through revelation; hence, it is imbued with presence of OKUN and concomitant propensity in people for revelation. The symbol will lead you to have firsthand experiences of the divine. It will start process of DIVINE-REBIRTH or enhance achieving it. People will be healed through Ebo (energy) of ARUOKUN.

The ARUOKUN is the link to revelations of the truth to those who may appear ordinary and unschooled. Rehearsing and oboiroscanning through AHV severs purpose of gaining access to divine guides who guide osa (smaller case) before developing and metamorphosing to evade the in-between world between the physical and transcendent. You get details during Aruokun Sessions. One’s osa must develop as if going on a pilgrimage through spiraling path (many misunderstand as incarnation/reincarnation) following ERE to escape death. (Note the spirals on the facsimile.)

Those on the path of divine-initiation cannot do without it. Those who would want to benefit from divine revelation of mysteries cannot do without it. Those who desire divine healing cannot do without it.

You might have always felt intuitively, that there had to be an alternative, a physical link or channel. This is it. Use ARUOKUN as link and your channel to adjoining universes.

Re AHV And Traditional Aracles

Oracles and artifacts used by witchdoctors and members of various priesthoods as chief, (high, powerful, etc.) priests for divination, cannot divine powers and attributes of AHV. They cannot “see” or link to it. Its erinmwin will reveal it to the worthy as necessary.


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