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Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

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AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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“We thank our head(s)”

The LiveAxe does what axes do, namely, breaking and dismembering--dismembering enemies and devils. LiveAxe breaks every bond such as spells, curses (including inherited curses from the race, caste, and family) and oaths. You will use it to open spiritually blocked paths or to open new ones where none was. It is a weapon for psychic self-defense/warfare; you can avenge with it, injustice of SPRA (spiritual, psychic, and ritual abuse) or spiritual terrorism.

As the name indicates, the LiveAxe is axe that is alive, meaning that you can communicate directly with it. It can also go into action while in your possession (as in your wallet, keychain, or on your neck as a pendant) on its own when an enemy threatens your life or interest; you need not be aware that you were under psychic attack. It does not expire; it goes neither to rest nor to sleep.


 Extraterrestrial Forms (ETF or erinmwin) that mandated The Oboiro revealed message that LiveAxe be created; this when powers of evil through agents as priests, gods, and ancestors of Maleficent Order Of ancestors (MalOrCestor) attempted to overwhelm him and those who sought to affiliate with him. Powers on OKE (Mount) ARUOKUN infused life into every LiveAxe mystically

Agents and beings conspiring with MalOrCestor threatened by existence of LiveAxe attempt always to appease/neutralize the powers of genuine weapons derived from the founders of the race. Their target includes the LiveAxe; their actions is of no concerns to us, as they will have to face the consequences without us.

They invented fake substitutes to replace those whose powers they neither could manage nor neutralized. Hence, the artifacts, which they produced as talismans, charms, juju, voodoo dolls, mojo, and fetishes of their cults, gods, and ancestors, are no match for ours. When they fail, as they always do, they would try to work on bearer of LiveAxe; they try to mislead them with lies and illusions. E g they link illusions to divination powers of LiveAxe. They would attempt to go between LiveAxe and owner. This is always futile.

When they have failed on all scores, they spread lies. If artifacts from Aruokun were ineffective or bad, or were irrelevant or inherently evil, why did their prophets, pastors, and priests struggle to own them? The LiveAxe is relevant and good to good people. War rages continually between powers of evil one hand, as represented by the serpent and good on the other hand, as represented by the SNAIL (re Prophecy). LiveAxe talismanic powers belong to SNAIL. On whose side are you? Your success or failure in life generally depends on whether you are part of the solution, or part of the problem.

The LiveAxe is not a religious object; you do not worship it, neither should you worship through it. Your religion or faith does not affect it; hence, it for every worthy person. This attribute is one of the most remarkable and distinguishing differences between this LiveAxe on one hand, and the traditional or religion-based means, deployed in psychic warfare on the other hand; LiveAxe neither depends nor feeds on sacrificial blood. It does not expire; it goes neither to rest nor to sleep.

We cannot disclose all of its secret powers here, because the potential enemy is also reading this advertisement. Besides, it is not necessary. Collect it and read the manual. Ask it when you have collected it and it will reveal itself to you. You could put it under your pillow while going to sleep for the purpose.

Note that oracles of idolatrous practices cannot “see” LiveAxe or anything-talismanic artifact or tool created by The Oboiro. This led to people suspecting that LiveAxe (and Aruokun Home Version AHV) were fakes; they are frustrated because unable to divine its powers. Should you try to curse Oboiro with it as many have tried, Oboiro would be defended.

Women And LiveAxe

Various religious and fetish/witchcraft institutions exclude women from their midst during certain period of the month because of their biological cycle. Some "holy" people would also say that women could contaminate some "holy" objects during this period. Such problem does not apply to LiveAxe.

No diabolical being of any description can bribe it, corrupt it, or overcome it, as it does not depend on any sacrifices of blood. It is beyond voodoo objects as dolls, juju, and fetishes. Nothing contaminates or neutralizes its powers; this makes it ideal for women.

Re LiveAxe And Traditional Aracles

Oracles and artifacts used by witchdoctors and members of various priesthoods as chief, (high, powerful, etc.) priests for divination, cannot divine powers and attributes of LiveAxe. They cannot “see” or link to it. Its erinmwin will reveal it to the worthy as necessary.


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