Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

~~eko aRUOKUN~~



AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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AAC produces and supplies Artifact.

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Means At AAC

“We thank our head(s)”


For us at AAC, we distinguish Ebo/EBO from ebo; Ebo is medium or mystical energy that pervades the universe while ebo is artifact or physical means in which Ebo inheres as its life or power. Every humanbeing is in Ebo as Ebo is in them; they have no choice whether to utilized Ebo. Ebo (lowercase), on the other hand, serves as means and agents; each person decides whether to use them.


AAC manufactures and supplies Spiritual Armory as psychic-defense means (tools, mystical agents or ebo) against juju or fetish attacks; they are alternatives to voodoo and religious artifacts, talismans, mojo, and dolls. AAC’s means and agents do not rely on blood for power, efficacy, or performance.


Who needs ebo and why? For a start, let me clear a lie about ebo. Idolaters and the priesthood claim ebo can be vexatious. They (mis)understand ebo as being of the genre of vexatious ancestors. A corollary is ebo can be angry with their owners, can disobey orders, or even blackmail their owners. They claim owners of ebo as means must therefore appease them. They may even go as far as saying that ebo will never work unless you make blood offerings to them pour blood libations on them. They confuse ebo on one hand, with ebor, juju, fetishes, and voodoo objects, on the other hand, obeah-man or witchdoctors create.  Oboiro is no obo, witchdoctor, obeah-man or the like. Such theories confound, scare, and deceive people thereby depriving them of owning AAC’s Ebo as mystical means. This serves witchdoctors, obeah-men, and priesthood well as mystical means and ebo from Oboiro and AAC are only known means and spiritual agents that can defeat them and defend owners in psychic-warfare.

Their secret strategy to evade powers of ebo-means on one hand, and to transfer authority over them from you to them, on the other hand, is in blood—libations on ebo-means with blood reduces them to level of witchcraft, where witchdoctors, voodoo priests, and obeah-men can take control over them and so reach the owners—they, having been corrupted or buried in blood. They would rise and become active as the blood dries; hence, people would pour blood libations on them daily (or many time daily!). The rot and stench that surrounds shrines is evidence of filthiness. Just take it as we have written; theme of corrupting effects of blood is treated in our blogs, e g My Head My Bastion. Anointing head corrupts it as it does ebo.

Ebo (lowercase) that you will be receiving from us do not rely on blood and hence are not among “gods and ancestors” that serve the priesthood often to your disadvantage. Take ebo as tool, means, or agents to your HEAD; your head is their coordinator or boss, not the priesthood. Follow manuals you receive with the means and mystical agents, and as we will direct you during healing sessions. You must renounce those lies that you had learned from idolaters and “conspirators” who are agents of fallen ancestors. These people had conspired to confound the seekers after truth, genuine ebo-means or powers, and wisdom. Such comes only from the FOUNDERS of the world and your miraculous powers when unleashed. 

Detail Purposes

    I. If you live in Africa or in a predominantly Black community or elsewhere, where the majority believes in voodoo, witchcraft spells, obeah, black magic, etc., you need ebo for your protection and psychic-defense (starting with LiveAxe).  

    ii. If you live in a cursed community, that is, where the majority strives at living and hurting others with voodoo, juju, black magic, etc. you will never progress in life or know peace until you attain adequate powers to defend and protect you. For this, you need ebo as means (e g EDION-Rod or Oyiya).  

    iii. If you live in a community where basic truth is never welcomed, a community ruled or led by soothsayers, and where the priesthood appears to have conspired with fallen ancestors and the dead against the progress of citizens of the community, you need to carry out divination for you. For this, you need ebo (e g EDION-General or COMB-Oyiya; note that we supply these to those who own LivAxe and EDION-Rod).  

    iv. If you live in a land, such that there are no reliable diviners that you can trust, you need to be able to divine your fate for you. For this, you need ebo (e g EDION-General, COMB-Oyiya, or ARUOKUN HV).  

    If you are so persecuted that you need spiritual protection and run from shrine to shrine seeking help, from church to church seeking protection, from priest to prophet to imam, seeking intercession, you need ebo from sources other than those, namely Provident OKUN. When you believe you are bewitched, when nothing is well with you. You need ebo that links you with origins of powers that was before world was created on Earth (e g Aruokun HV or H-EBO-Soap). 

    vi. If you have been fasting and praying because of problems, and the problems haveremained unsolved, you need ebo (not as artifacts or physical means) but in its original form as SONGS/OHHUN that you can get in healing sessions with Oboiro. Ask for advice and information. Send specific inquiries to Contact. 

    vii. When you think you are bewitched, when nothing is well with you, and you are confused or confounded, you need ebo in human form (e g Oboiro). Approach us for OBOIRO-Divination and healing sessions. Learn how this differs from soothsaying and superstitions. (See the definition of divination. 

    viii. Learn about our Special Spiritual Services and healing sessions for other reasons not listed here. 

People do not have to be registered as students before they can acquire many above. The person applying for one may be affiliates. (See Membership).

Categorical Relationship

Categorical Relationship between you and ebo-means or agents, is of boss and subservient agents. Think of them otherwise as lifeless tools like wrench and lifting machines.


Initializing Means At AAC

We took LiveAxe and ARUOKUN to Oke n' Anubode (Oke/Mount ARUOKUN) on the Hallowed Grounds of Ughoton. These were infused with ebo by the powers that dwell on the Mount. The ARUOKUN that had mystical powers to protect and defend from the beginning, now facilitates capabilities of OBOIRODIVINATION in the possessor--he/she could read the thoughts of people around him/her. Their powers to receive revelations of mysteries increase. This is awesome. This distinguishes mystical means and agents (more than just Artifacts) at AAC on one hand, and all others, on the other hand.




ARUOKUN Is Our Link To Source Of Universe And Destiny

They are talismanic, read thoughts, and reveal mysteries.

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