Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

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AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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 The paradigm is, Whatsoever one wills shall be fulfilled through the instrumentality of Ebo.”  


Artifact As Means And Agent

“We thank our head(s)”

Cosmological Axiom For EBO

EBO is a word in Language of Edo people of Benin Kingdom in southern Nigeria. It belongs to their cosmology. Primal cosmology of majority of black people on Earth shares root with this Language. We are now at what some call end-time or historical phase of end of the world. Their cosmology and language hold some clues about this. Cardinal idea in that cosmology is transcendent EBO that affects our psyche and complete wellbeing metaphysically. You will find the idea helpful in many ways, including success in creating through praying and exercise of your will to gain control over destiny. 

The world to them involves OSAGBAYE--spiritual Earth, mystical universe of reality, mysteries, life, spirituality, and prosperity. OSAGBAYE is formed from OSA GB AYE, meaning OSA pervades AYE. AYE is universe. AYE is first consequence of AYI, the ultimate origin of everything that is as explained below. 

The planets and solar bodies in AYE were the next, each with own atmosphere or shadow (aghonghon). Planet Earth is where we exist as physical beings in Earth’s OSAGBAYE. Chief things that coexist with Earth include OKUN as spirit in the waters that envelop Earth; OKUN predated all to be created on Earth. 

AYI: Universe in which we exist is a consequence of AYI. AYI is the ultimate origin/source of everything that is.

People do not assign roles to AYI as if a being or God of a sort. AYI is an axiom.  AYI is not a being or object that people should worship in any sense or form. We pray neither to AYI nor through it.

AYI is the eternal, mystical, and supernatural unknown (erinmwin) that started as origin of AYE. It sustains the unfolding of the universe that we know as AYE. Nothing manifests in AYE or the universe without involving AYI. Nothing can arise in AYE without AYI. Nothing remains in existence without AYI. Remove AYI and every event and thing cease to exist--goes to rest, zero, and nothingness.

We can neither please AYI nor offend it. We have no choice to follow it or deviate from it. It is a constant. AYI is blind emanation that happens without need for justification.

AYI is the underlying ACTION that sustains the process emanating as unfolding of universes. It does not occupy any space; was before time and space, and is everywhere that creativity is. 


Manifestations of AYI is through the universal MEDIUM, a sort of spiritual or transcendent raw material.  Prayers reflect desires, praying reflects effort to create. We contribute prayers as we pray into the MEDIUM; the combined product undergoes transmutation and results in manifesting what we set out to create. The MEDIUM is called EBO.

Ebo in transcendent form (EBO UNIVERSAL) pervades AYE, and consequently OSAGBAYE. Human will is Ebo in one form. The African as ebo (as artifact as agent) Maker is acutely aware of relevance of Ebo and will; this attribute distinguishes them as Ebo-maker. Ebo in spiritual form can inhere in physical or inanimate objects. Such objects are Ebo in physical form. Experts package Ebo as physical Ebo (not to be confused for ebor).  (EBO as “objects, beings, phenomena being both themselves and at the same time something other than themselves” may never be intelligible to non-African—especially Western minds; hence, they will never become Ebo-make. (This marks distinguishing capability of African mind.)

Appropriate examples of Ebo in physical form include the Ark of the Covenant, the rod and the staff of Egyptian Magicians and the Prophets. Spear of Destiny, staff of the Pope among many other world-religious leaders. Staff and EGBA (big ring for the arm) of Odin and Oboiro are Ebo; so are LiveAxe and talismanic objects displayedas means on this website. The wax images that Alexander the Great (a protégée of Socrates of classic Greece) planted around Alexandra to protect it, and on which he relied to win his wars is distinctive. (E. A. Wallis Budge). Others attempted witchcraft and demonology with ARUOKUN Home Version and failed because of superiority of its Ebo.

Baths are examples of ebo. These include holy pools, lakes, and brooks at large, or that adepts created. People deify some according to the beings that dwell in them. People who live with some believe that deities or monsters dwell in them. However, despite tales and fables, each of them has peculiar functions above the understanding of the unschooled or those not endowed to comprehend Ebo.

The natural centre of Ebo in us is our bones, with the cranium remaining cardinal. Will as Ebo works through Ebo of the bones. We represent bones of the body by one word—head or HEAD (caps). Will is transcendent form of Ebo of head.  (“EBO” illustrates objects, beings, phenomena being both themselves and at the same time something other than themselves” re “pre-logical” according to Lévi-Bruhl.)

Pieces of leather, plastic foils, or paper are transformedinto ebo when verses or images from holy/magical books are drawn or written on them (for examples, pictures, or names of saints, and angels). Other physical bearers could be a pendant, jewellery, wristwatches, girdles, rings (gold, silver, copper or other metals); small rings are prepared for fingers, toes, and noses, while larger ones are for the arm or neck. Odin of Runic mythology is reputed to have had a large ring. I, as the Oboiro own some. Despite how Ebo is stored or transmitted, head remains coordinator of the execution of prayers in OSAGBAYE and ARUOTO (Earth as divinity), as divine-head and HEAD does in erinmwin (transcendent universe of OSAGBAYE). They execute their functions through means of Ebo.

Transcendental Archive In EBO Universal

Records and history of events on Earth are in Ebo of OSAGBAYE as of AYE are in EBO Universal. These include records of particular languages and songs by creators, beginning from OSA or ETF that started OSAGBAYE to the present. Records saved in Ebo for us are several histories, including of the following: universe of OSAGBAYE, functions and contributions of OGUN, EZIZA, ARUOTO, and contributions of combined ARUOKUN and ARUOTO to OSAGBAYE; others are creations of various worlds in OSAGBAYE, prehistory, ancient history, history of peoples, history of spiritual beings, empires (physical and spiritual), and others in ARUOTO. Adepts read history in EBO of revolt that heralded creation of world outside Master Plan. Record in EBO covers everything that could ever mater. One does NOT find records of one’s past incarnations because it does not exist. 

Difference Between Ebo And ebo (lowercase) 

For us at AAC, we distinguish Ebo/EBO from ebo; Ebo is medium or mystical energy that pervades the universe while ebo is artifact or physical means in which Ebo inheres as its life or power. Every humanbeing is in Ebo as Ebo is in them; they have no choice whether to utilized Ebo. Ebo (lowercase), on the other hand, serves as means and agents; each person decides whether to use them.


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