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AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

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Ancestral Curse as Vlekete Syndrome

“We thank our head(s)”


We must remember for all time, our citizens represented by those in this slave ship. Everyone of them went through Vlekete Shrine to be mentally castrated—they lost self-identity that they were human beings; they now identify them with brutes of the wild. They are now cargoes like dogs and brutes who know not where they were heading or whence they came. They carried Vlekete Syndrome!


Ancestral Curse Yield Plethora Of Evils That Make Vlekete Syndrome—crippled us mentally, spiritually, and intellectually among other diverse ways!

Some scholars and scientists described our mentality that reflects Special Spiritual Needs (SSN) that owe to Vlekete Syndrome. It points to differences of our psyche affecting our perception and interpretation of reality. This modifies our behavior adversely. We can deal with it if we focused on our innate powers to deal with the syndrome. We have potentials of miraculous powers that need to be unleashed along lines of our unique mystical and spiritual capabilities that distinguish the African and descendants from rest of humankind. We need Ancestral Deliverance, rather than excuses.

Humankind in general, and Africans and their descendants in particular, is sick with a spiritual malady like single person sick with malady. He named the ailment Vlekete Syndrome after Vlekete Shrine. Essence of shrine in Badagry, Nigeria was the basis of “Rituals of No Return”. Captives went through rituals at the shrine as preparation before transporting them through the Middle passage to the Americas.

“. . . At the shrine, the slaves were made to go through ad hoc rituals and rites of departure. . . Through the act of being taken through the traditional practices involved in the voodoo worship of the shrine, it was expected that the minds of the captives would be preoccupied with the exercise and have an amnesic effect on them. . . .

“When going, they were made to stop by the tree of ‘forgetfulness’. It was also called ‘Yemaja’ in Fon language as derived from ‘Yenma’, which means ‘getting mad’. Slaves were likened to mad dogs when chained and denied of freedom (after ingesting potions.)

“The act of going round the tree of forgetfulness was to cause the slaves to forget everything pertaining to their past. From that time, they were believed to forget their origin and natural identity. . .” (Extracts from Dr. Alba Simpson, UNESCO sponsored the research and report. “Oral Tradition About Slavery And Slave Trade In Nigeria, Ghana, And Benin”. (Comments in parenthesis supplied))

They also forgot that they were human beings and did not only bark like mad dogs, but identified in their psyche with brutes of the wild. The potions create (still do) the metaphysical block hole in personality, soul, and spirit of people making them spiritually and mentally unstable; such people become depraved and prone to aberrant behavior.

This curse from ancestral shrine yields the plethora of evils that make Vlekete Syndrome that crippled us mentally, spiritually, intellectually, and diverse ways! Why has the curse not expired after centuries? How is it transmitted or inherited? Find answers to these among others below.

Does every person born not start life afresh with a new head, new destiny, and guardian spirit (ehi)? If so, why does the curse persist?

Priesthood sustains curse through rituals applied on new generations as they emerge. This is at more than one level. (For another level, see Raising Demons Instead Of Geniuses below) Priesthood administers rituals and potions to make emerging generation conform to what the priesthood, ancestors, and gods plan in contradiction of the Master Plan. The Oboiro knows from experience, because a masquerade cult subjected me to mundane ritual initiation before age ten. Hence, rituals, and not curses as such determine consistency and sustenance of syndrome over millennia.


“MEME” is cultural characteristic passed down generations; includes any characteristic of a culture, for example, its language that can be transmitted from one generation to the next in a wayanalogous to the transmission of genetic information; it may be a cultural item transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes”. Mundane initiation formulas are vectors in meme that perpetuate the syndrome.

These rituals (including ingesting of potions) have always been part of our ancient traditions and meme. Aspects of it were fine-tuned to meet needs of commercial slavery; the essence has always been same. The priesthood modified the rituals to suit modern society since official end of commercial slavery. Essential purpose of stupefying people and making them brutes or zombies remain. Elements are prevalent everywhere our people are on Earth; consequences in psyche are not limited to African-Americans, West Indians, and Haitians, but are present in all descendants of Africans.

Awesomeness Of Crippling Syndrome In Perspective

Awesomeness of consequences of Vlekete Syndrome is better appreciated, when put in historical perspective thus: Haiti has become an example of a people who defeated their oppressors and slave masters through justified use of physical violence. The country known then as Saint-Dominique was the most prosperous country in the Western Hemisphere.  They defeated the army of Napoleon Bonaparte! They declared independence on January 1, 1804. They were the second to assume independence after the USA.

How does Haiti compare over two hundred years later to the USA? They have failed because they create according to the religious traditions, instructions, and rituals from ancestors at source of Vlekete Rituals. “They, like similar communities in Africa, USA, and South America are overwhelmed, being in grip of these ancestors who not only misdirected their creativity, but also stifled it; they cripple relevant faculty of people so making them unable to perform. They have remained hostages of oracles, soothsayers, the priesthood, gods, and ancestors.” (Culled from Dahra Hargaalga Snr.5 “Take Over Control Without Physical Violence” (TOC))

Why are we the race others trade in as slaves—centuries of trans-Sahara slave trade, and further centuries of trans-Atlantic slave trade? Why do we capture and trade in our own? We seem to be only ones who did this in History.

Lineage of villains of shameful atrocity over millennia is among “ancestors”. Their rituals and shrines still prevail until now. Does this not bother you?

 “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”(Franz Fanon, “Wretched Of The Earth”)

Deviation Of Psyche Into Special Spiritual Needs (SSN)

Some of our distinguishable psychic characteristics bear with them, additional Special Spiritual Needs different from primordial peculiarities of psyche of us as Africans, or as people of Black African descent. These would include our unique mystical and spiritual capabilities that distinguish the African from rest of humankind. (See African The Ebo Maker). However, they do not prevail owing to crippling rituals that led to Vlekete Syndrome.

The Oboiro is not first to notice characteristic syndrome. People knew before now, peculiarities arising from persistent application of rituals to reduce people to zombies, or mentality of brutes. They identified them correctly but gave what The Oboiro believes is wrong explanation for their emergence.

Some scholars and scientists described our mentality. Examples include “African stupidity” (Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831); James D. Watson, American molecular biologist and co-winner of the 1962 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, published in 2007, that Black people carry idiot-gene. Lucien LÚvi-Bruhl (1857-1939), defined what he named ”pre-logical”, our epistemology as “a kind of thought in consequence of which objects, beings, phenomena can be, both themselves and at the same time something other than themselves”. (E g EBO, OSAGBAYE, AYI, and AYE illustrate this.) (See quotations in “TAKE OVER CONTROL Without Physical Violence” TOC by Dahra Hargaalga Sir. (The Oboiro) Chapter 1)

Arguments about adjectives used by them distract from the substance, namely, consequent syndrome as consequences of our engineered and reengineered psyche. We should not continue to misunderstand or deny difference of our psyche affecting our perception and interpretation of reality. We can cope better, if we focused on our innate powers to deal with it. We have potentials of miraculous powers that need to be unleashed along lines of our unique mystical and spiritual capabilities that distinguish the African from rest of humankind. (See African The Ebo Maker). We need have knowledge, craft, wisdom, sorcery, or means and combination of all rather than excuses.

Religions, path of African traditional practices of worship (include worship of ancestors), cultism, among spiritual paths that our people follow today are working to maintain creating personality into that of brute as proved by the prevalence of crime and physical violence (including gun violence of black on black) in our communities. Family structure has broken down. We are not as bright as we were millennia ago before invention of rituals that cripple psyche into of zombies or quasi-lunatics.  We should face them and defeat the culprits without physical violence.

Raise Geniuses Instead Of Breeding Demons, Hybrid Monsters, And Zombies

Some beings revolted millennia after Founders of OSAFGBAYE separated and left. They started a separate reality on Earth, outside the Master Plan. Maleficent Order Of Ancestors (MalOrCestor) emerged. 

They bred people different from archetypal ancestors and descendants. They imbued them with spirits conjured from nadir worlds including plant and animal kingdoms. These include kingdoms of reptiles (e g snakes, crocodiles, alligators, etc.), mammals (e g pigs, cow, dogs, monkey, rodents, etc.), birds (e g vultures, hawk, condors, etc.) or fish and creatures of the seas including mermaids and mamiwater. They also bred variously from outside these and created a reality or kingdom of hybrid spirits and demons. Their creations shared nature with spirits that include river or water spirits, spirits of the forest or pristine countryside, spirits of hills and mountains. Their descendants have ancestors from these. Which of these might you be worshipping in error?

We consequently have tradition in Africa that souls or spirits of newborn babies come from various worlds and kingdoms that include kingdoms of animals, plants, river spirits, spirits of forests or pristine countryside, hills, and mountains described above. Shrines abound today where “ancestor” is any of python, turtle, crocodile, alligator, and other animals. Some “ancestors” are trees as Iroko, Cotton Tree (Okha), and other huge trees and plants; they could also be reeds. My people are now confused for so much evil surrounds us all in this world. 

They engineer psyche of people at shrines with generic name of Vlekete Shrines, to perpetuate personality of people with hybrid spirits from the nadir worlds of plants, animals, and water. Ours is now a population of confused people who have Special Spiritual Needs (SSN). Majority of people, confused, bewitched or bound by spells, became ancestor worshipers owing to initiations into cults of these demons; they worship a mixture of DEAD forebears of humankind bred by founders of the world on one hand, and ancestor population of a mixture where hybrid demons and spirits predominate.

What is more, demons created this way have strengthened into unimaginable spiritual entities (erinmwin) in their right; they now are recruiters and trainers of own priesthood. People, while experimenting with “words of power”, create human beings among other entities whose behaviours are aberrant. People learning from do-it-yourself magic books and “Books Of The Dead” are primary culprits of these. The syndrome is now self-perpetuating among/and through them.

Others create them unwittingly by engaging in satanic rituals, magic, communicating with atavistic ancestors, and the dead or phantoms from unknowable ancestry. These demons invariably turn on their creators to haunt them and eventually to consume them. Others who inherit the rituals inherit associated aberrant behaviour. Their clients or students as victims inherit this and spread the meme like AIDS viruses. Vlekete Syndrome includes what they spread.


Our mandate includes reversing breeding phantoms from unknowable ancestry, demons, and hybrid monsters, to raising geniuses instead.

Vlekete rituals and derivatives now form program of initiations into several shrines and religious cults worldwide; however, the prevalence is concentrated mostly in Africa, USA, Brazil, Cuba, Latin America and Black Communities of Canada, Europe, and elsewhere. 

Activities of perpetrators are worldwide. They manifest evil deviations from Master Plan of founders of the world through gods, ancestors, and priesthood. They own Vlekete and similar shrines in West Africa in particular and worldwide in general. They recruit members/victims through mundane initiations of SPRA (Spiritual, Psychic, and Ritual Abuse). You could not have grown up in the zone where Vlekete Syndrome is endemic without being sufferer. Hence, you would not be able to cure you without a deliverer.

Healing in Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) focuses on deliverance from these other worlds and kingdoms of hybrid demons and creatures. We unleash the miraculous powers that inhere in you since beginning of OSAGBAYE.

Healing, delivering, or converting world will mark return of humankind to Master Plan.  That task is not for us, but for founders who found OSAGBAYE according to Master Plan.

Our hope is in our heads, provident OKUN, and other powers accessible through ARUOKUN. You will learn more about these powers at the FORUM, during rehearsals, or through oboirodivination.

We rely on wisdom that comes only from/through ARUOKUN to guide our heads. We learn to draw on the benevolence of extraterrestrial forms (EFT--See Oboiro-Mandate) coordinating winding down of evil world and realigning Earth to Master Plan. They alone are our true companions, friends, and deliverers.

You need to learn the SONGS/OHHUN to benefit from them. Mystery of SABITATA-ALGA will unfold to you as you go through divine-initiation. Details about these are mysteries not for the public. You learn OHHUN by rehearsing and singing with me. All you need do is contact me now.

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