Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

~~eko aRUOKUN~~



AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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AAC produces and supplies Artifact.

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Destiny Watch

“We thank our head(s)”

Prophecy according to legend is that eventually the Cosmic Snail will swallow the Cosmic Serpent. We call this The Prophecy. The fulfillment of The Prophecy is inevitable. Many organizations and people the world over are taking part during fulfillment of The Prophecy without knowing it. The founding of FCW and her extension to the USA (for example) forms part of the fulfillment of The Prophecy. Now, Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) has grown out of it according to law of SABITAT-ALGA.Join the watch that you may not be caught unawares and rendered insane—you would commit suicide as only way out for you!

Either you control your destiny, or some person, thing, demons, devils, etc., control it in your stead. Tradition is that success of controlling destiny is possible for those who have the knowledge, craft, wisdom, sorcery, ormeans. Oboiropraying, rehearsing, and taking part regularly in Aruokun Sessions unleashes and sustains your miraculous powers. This incorporates powers of knowledge, craft, wisdom, sorcery, and means (re AAC meanss and head) to control through a combination of all. You maintain control modified every moment, according to revelations during Destiny Watch.

Divination in AAC is as oboirodivination or scanning, namely, to acquire hidden knowledge and insight into events [past, present, and future] through the direct or indirect contact of human intelligence or head with the supernatural. Head as intellect contacts the essence of destiny through scanning. One must go through correct channel, namely, ARUOKUN (e g Home Edition). You must project through this appropriate channel. They (ETF and custodians) revealed ARUOKUN to guide us. One has conscious experience with the target events or subject for divination. In this case, that object is the "Mystery of realigning world history with Master Plan. One comprehends the ultimate cause of reality and the final goal of existence. It follows a route that runs through a path; the path leads from the physical to the transcendental, as ERE-Route-Map illustrates.

Base of ERE-Route-Map represents the origin below the earth on Oke n Anubode (OKE ARUOKUN). The events that one “reads” in oboirodivination include the constitution of the network of evil destiny through which one must navigate to reach SOURCE of reality the ARUOKUN at the top. ETF/CUSTODIANS fashioned the column for the path for those who acknowledge the Master Plan or their ERE. 

Meanwhile, we are at the end of the world as proved through IDUNAN (cataclysmic events now prevalent on Earth, e g hurricane Sandy). End of this world has already started. Channel leading out of it into the next or adjoining universe is through ARUOKUN. This is explained in details in e-book Let Us Pray (LUP-15S). The link between ORIGINS from where we will be leaving for the SOURCE to which we will be heading is in ARUOKUN. Difference between ORIGINS and SOURCE, as applicable in rehearsing in Aruokun Sessions and unifying goal of all life’s endeavors is in ARUOKUN.  OKUN is to guide those who acknowledge the Master Plan or ERE.  

Everything is explained in LET US PRAY, Guide to Destiny Control Through Prayer. LUP-15S 

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