Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

~~eko aRUOKUN~~



AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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  • AAC maintains a Solution Centre
  • AAC maintains Aruokun Commune For Gifted Children (ACGC) Mission Statement here

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AAC produces and supplies Artifact.

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Healing Sessions and Aruokun Commune For Gifted Children (ACGC))

“We thank our head(s)”

You ought to be enjoying in life, unbroken harmony, peace, freedom, happiness, and prosperity.   Founders of OSAGBAYE (the spiritual Earth, mystical universe of reality, mysteries, life, spirituality, and prosperity) had planned it so. They followed Master Plan they came with when they arrived from erinmwin (heaven). (Re Divine Plan) This might not have been so with you owing to evil interference of the enemy (the ikor); failure follows when they block miraculous powers hidden in you. You will find solutions at our drugless healing sessions. We unleash miraculous powers in you.

We broaden our scope of engagement to include all ritual victims of priesthood, sorcerers, necromancers, or their allies despite race, political ideology, and religion. These include those who bear ancestral and other curses.

Healing Commune And Special Spiritual Consultancy

We will guide you along Salvation Way in ARUOKUN. However, if not all is going on well in your life, The Oboiro can help; you must apply. Our drugless therapy sessions will unleash miraculous powers dormant in you. At Solution Centre, we offer specialized spiritual counseling that includes divination, advice, and enlightenment. We help you coordinate for your success, every element of Divine Plan; original divine plan for you included unbroken harmony, peace, freedom, happiness, and prosperity that the enemy or ikor is blocking in your life. These are restored when you vanquish your ikor. You receive help and lasting protection. Your wellbeing is ensured.

These go beyond what you automatically share as spiritual benefits, protection and guidance from LiveAxe, ARUOKUN, and other artifacts from AAC. You should own and use our artifacts as directed in their manuals. However, you must seek and receive personalized spiritual services involving their proper and effective use. These are HEALING SESSIONS. 

Permanent and enduring solution is restoration of Master Plan in your life. We reestablish Authority of your HEAD in your life. You will gain miraculous powers to remove evil from your life and restore unbroken harmony, peace, freedom, happiness, and prosperity, according to Master Plan.

Your HEAD, through miraculous powers, attract other benefits including powers of LiveAxe, EBO you can muster, provident OKUN, and others we will disclose to you.

You have to be a LiveAxe bearing member to benefit from solutions we offer. Members are physical members who live under The Grace of being continuously in presence of Provident OKUN. Pay your dues and levies regularly as affiliates or members. You should have contributed extra from your profits. Cheating and deceiving The Oboiro,CUSTODIANS (of UGR), and guardians of Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) can be source of your problems. Most important of all, do not attack The Oboiro with LiveAxe or any Ebo, juju, or obeah. Do not obstruct, in anyway, fulfillment of his Divine Mandate; instead, support and contribute to success of Oboiro Destiny Control Project (ODCP). Erinmwin ARUOKUN will then sustain, protect, and defend you at every level as they sustain, protect, and defend the mandate of Oboiro.


Divination is, “practice of attempting to acquire hidden knowledge and insight into events [past, present, and future] through the direct or indirect contact of human intelligence or head with the supernatural".

Divination of all sorts are worldwide and species wide. The list includes astrology, palmistry, tealeaves reading, casting of objects that include cowries, bones, shells, and feathers; others include geomancy, and reading omens in flight or sounds of birds. None of these can receive revelations of Ebo—they simply do not “see” Ebo.

No one can attain set goals in life unless guided through accurate divination. We of ARUOKUN ANCESTRAL COMMUNITY rely exclusively on oboirodivination--personal, intense, and simple way of accurate divination. We call it scanning (e g through Aruokun Home Version (AHV)). No other choice is as reliable on Earth.  You will neither lose your way again, nor will evil overwhelmed you. You will be able to receive revelation from Ebo.

Deliverance: Aruokun Commune For Gifted Children (ACGC)

We broaden our scope of engagement to include all children who are ritual victims of priesthood, sorcerers, necromancers, or their allies despite race, political ideology, and religion. These include those who bear ancestral and other curses.

We, at the Commune do not ignore linking awesome events blamed on the children with humankind in general; instead, we consider children special case in a matter species wide.

Treatment of accused “Witchcraft-Children” under “witchcraft” aimed at CURING them, or exorcising genii out of them, do not work. Neither exorcism nor brutalizing the children works. Although imagining the problems under witchcraft is misleading, leaving the problems not properly resolved will not help the children. Displaced children rescued or saved from persecution are just growing older in orphanages, remand homes, and emergency facilities like refugees, without resolving underlying problems, related to mystical power in their psyche.

We consider various other aspects. Magicians and sorcerers communicate at shrines with deities, gods, ancestors, spirits, demons, hybrid monsters that have emerged from involving and engaging demons over millennia of ritual practices. Such hover around shrines and dwellings where persecutors of accused witchcraft-children operate. Priests, magicians, and sorcerers of ancestral shrines while communicating with above entities seal covenants regularly with various entities. They conduct initiation rituals regularly at the shrines, so presence of those entities is always there. Children at those shrines contracted curses from those shrines. We deliver them from such curses.

Presence of anger in personality (especially in Africans and their descendants worldwide) diverts mystical productive energy and yields devastating cases as IDUNAN. This is also true of anger roused in accused witchcraft-children when people scorch them! We also consider this.

This would quicken progress when we help and train from childhood, people to control powers and energies that they otherwise access randomly without understanding.

Rehabilitated children will rise to join in administration of secular world. Hence, we include curriculum of reputable educational institutions.

General Cnsultancy Sessions And Fees (Not For ACGC)

Sessions are in four consecutive days by four weeks that may be spread over not more than two months. Session for one day lasts about 30-60 minutes. It includes counseling and singing in OHHUN with the Oboiro. We will work out with you a schedule that fits your daily life routines. You may take weekends, for example. You must aim at completing four consecutive sessions spread over seven to fourteen days at a time. This would be at the beginning. We will thereafter set schedule consistent with your progress. We estimate that holding four by four sessions should establish your power and progress for life; such that you would not require further healing sessions.  You will be self-sustaining.

International sessions of eight days (spread over 8 weeks or less) over Skype are $200.00 (two-hundred US Dollars).

You may register for sessions with the Oboiro if you live in or near Benin City. (We have been doing this for over 3 decades.) Fee is N30, 000.00 (thirty thousand Naira only). Number of sessions remains same as international sessions.

Subscription For Healing Sessions

International sessions of eight days are $200.00 (two-hundred US Dollars).

Sessions with the Oboiro in Benin City, Nigeria are N30, 000.00 (thirty-thousand Naira only).


Pay Nigeria Naira or US Dollars into the following accounts of:

Dahra Hargaalga:

 First Bank (US Dollar by wire or cash deposit):

    35 Marina Road,


    Lagos. Nigeria.

    Account # 20235 50463

    Swift Code: FBNINGLAXXX

First Bank (Naira Cash deposit and wire transfer within Nigeria only)

    35 Marina Road,


    Lagos. Nigeria.

    Account # 2022289942

    Swift Code: FBNINGLAXXX

 Ecobank (Naira Cash deposit and wire transfer within Nigeria only)

    Account # 48111 90629

    Swift Code: ECOCNGLAXXX


We offer divination services on request. Write for terms.

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