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Save Accused Witchcraft-Children

Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC) Project

Children Endowed With Genius Spirit

“Divinely Marked CHOSEN Children”

Join to pull down the ‘wall of silence' around the abuse of children accused of witchcraft.

Future Of The World Depends On Them

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Witchcraft-Child in agony

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Genius, Witchcraft, And Alternative World-view

Worldwide ideas relevant in examining the matter that international community introduced under witchcraft include genius and genii. Genius means somebody with outstanding talent, somebody with exceptional ability, exceptional intellectual or creative ability, or somebody with particular skill: a person with great specialized skill. This fitsazen (in old daysor “Oboiro” in Edo or Bini, first language of The Oboiro).

Azen, in modern day Africa, fits idea of witchcraft. This may be basis of suspecting children of witchcraft spirit in error, rather than promote their talent as genius. We will show on this website, those children accused of witchcraft have exceptional talent that international community should substitute for discussing witchcraft. The world may want to save the children Africans and traditional societies accused of witchcraft from persecution and brutality. However, we should promote their superior talent of genius or Oboiro as higher reason. 

Ideas about azen and Oboiro are source of confusion because there was interruption of a thousand years in history of Oboiro. People talked and related only to azen, meanwhile; “Oboiro” became a legend in tales and referred to parenthetically. Azen and ababe (maleficent azen is ababe that attracts ancestral curses) were also confused in the minds of a people who had no written literature, metaWichcraft Childrenphysics, or theology. They accuse the children of having or bearing ababe and being harbinger of ancestral curses on society. Disastrous occurrences following the children, confirms ancestral curses to them.  Therefore, they use it as excuse to persecute the children. However, evidence does not owe to ancestral curses; we will show its true origin and cosmic significance.

Accused children have divine mandate (see details below). Therefore, EVIDENCES follow the children as devastating instances linked to Accused Witchcraft-Children. We will show origin of their mandate as “Custodians”. Meanwhile, Custodians chose them for being geniuses, or having genii or Oboiro-spirit (explained below). In other words, Custodians mandate them; divine evidences follow them, that society may not ignore them. The evidence bears more than physical damages that people read into the evidence. We will reveal the higher message on this website or during “Save Accused Witchcraft-Children Project”. Meanwhile, deliverance from Ancestral Curses and Curses of Ancestral Shrines is end-solution.

Secret Motive Of Persecutors

Disastrous Events persecutors associate with Accused Witchcraft-Children owed to mystical marks on the children. Devastating events accurately linked to the children, are “evidence of mission and mandate” of the children. (Technical name is IDUNAN) The events owe neither to witchcraft, nor to the children deliberately willing them to happen. The events happen because of the children. Yes. However, children do not KNOWINGLY will them to be so. This mystery makes them special.

Therefore, accusations do not explain draining blood from them or using their body parts in rituals and making of juju, mojo, talismans, and allied voodoo products. Some cults indulge in cannibalizing the children! Priesthood, sorcerers, necromancers or their allies (including parents and close relations of the children) use the children this way, because they are special. These practices reveal the truth that underlies the campaign of calumny against whom they brand “Child-witch”. Ritual practices, fetishism, and pleasing gods and ancestors or trying to appease them is the reason! This we call ancestral curses or curses of ancestral shrines.

Above explanation reveals ritual purposes as motives of persecuting children they accuse of witchcraft. Tradition in societies special children are found is to give all children potions routinely to eat during initiations; this would develop into entity in each, namely, the witch, astral body, soul, or ababe (in Edo). They would access this secretively to manipulate either the entity or person in whom the astral body or witch remains. Power is purposes for manipulation—love of money that brings power, power to overcome earned ancestral curses, power to have children, and prosperity through sorcery or magic.

Bodies of special children have resistance and the entity would not develop. When priesthood, sorcerers, necromancers or their allies (including parents and close relations of the children) try and fail to manipulate the special children, they accuse them of having witchcraft or being witches—blocking their power and fortune. They try accessing powers of the children by their blood; for the same reason, they cannibalize them, or use parts of their body as ingredients (analogous to belief about potency of albinos’ blood and body parts, or of “white people” that include causations). (See also Vlekete Syndrome)

Witchcraft Conflicts With Oboiro-Spirit Or Genius-Spirit

Either the following: witchcraft, magic, sorcery, evil genii, ababe, oso (ababe appearing outside the body), and obeah, on one hand, or others, namely, genius, Oboiro, ehi, genii (guardian spirits), and Ebo, on the other hand, will prevail, NOT both.

Custodians of divine Master Plan choose and mark some children, all over the world, for a mission. These have ehi (guardian spirits), EBO and IDUNAN (evidence) with them. Custodians (extraterrestrial forms ETF, Osa, God) monitor and supervise “end of the world” procedure. They choose and mark children endowed with appropriate head and follow them with IDUNAN or evidence that they might not be ignored. Custodians would defend them when necessary without prompting.

Sorcerers, witches, wizards, the devil, magicians, or mystics try to recruit the chosen children or prey on them thereby activating procedure to defend them. Consequence is intercession with IDUNAN, namely, evidence through disastrous events; people noted these happenings around those they branded witch-children.

Poor parents and ignorant priests belonging to witchcraft institutions organize to persecute children they had unsuccessfully tried to recruit or prey on. Therefore, strangers outside the families or religious congregation of children, for example, do not suffer attacks; these include teachers or employees of remand homes and other facilities they may find them.

Events associated with the children, that involve everyone without exceptions, are their IDUNAN, namely, evidence of their mission and mandate. What is their mission and mandate? That remains a mystery revealed only to elect few. However, you will find hints and clues on this website. You will find others in my blogs on “Save Witchcraft-Children” or “Save Accused Witchcraft-Children”.

Save “Divinely Marked Chosen Children” For Your Safety

People around so-called witch-children trigger IDUNAN. The following is how: Sorcerers and magicians have bred phantoms from unknowable ancestry; culprits include priesthood of any denomination, witches, wizards, witch doctors, warlocks, obeah-men, mystics, magicians, witch doctors, and necromancers. Mystical marks on the children attract them (while non-initiates or novices do not note the marks); they strive to recruit the children for their plans. The children would become agents to spirits, demons, hybrid monsters that have emerged from involving and engaging demons over millennia of ritual practices by adults (Re Vlekete Syndrome). This would be a deviation from divine Master Plan.

The talented children have heads endowed for the mission. Distinguishing means and channels are under the authority of head, bastion and defender at levels of sorcerers and witchcraft. (See My Head My Bastion)

Guardian spirits DEFEND (counterattack) and protect them at broader levels that involve the society where provocation originates. Their guardian spirits (ehi or genii) defend them, and deliver IDUNAN of their authority. This should read that Custodians or ETF who mandated them attack the witches, necromancers, magicians, their families, tribes, institutions, or establishments. The attacks translate into devastating events for which witch-children are blamed in error. People otherwise cajole or hector them in vain to “confess”.

Stop recruiting the children or thwarting divine purpose (the causes--actions), and IDUNAN as catastrophes (reactions) would end. No powers on Earth can prevent IDUNAN; good behavior could modify it so it does not happen as dreadful events; e g if people changed terror strategy. Sacrificing blood and other victims (including human victims as witch-children or others) serve no purpose—custodians or ETF do not depend on blood. Ebo does not respond to blood. No one in zones on Earth, of magicians, sorcerers, witches, and those who manipulate through sorcery is safe, while these enemies keep attacking enforcers of divine Master Plan, or try to thwart their efforts.

Witch-children Alleged To Be Under Ancestral Curses—Sickle cell sufferers

Witchcraft is a model in Africa and traditional societies, used to explain what is above understanding. Various explanations show this, as they are associated with witch-children in tradition of ancestral curses. They are sickly children who die prematurely. Same parents keep giving birth to babies that keep dying prematurely. Therefore, people believe they are reappearing in an endless circle of reincarnation through particular parents. Some are made out to keep returning to same parents out of wickedness, owing to witchcraft, or ancestral curses. Yoruba of Nigeria call them ABIKUN and include a category among IGBAKHUAN in Edo or Bini. They judge them born with spiritual deformity, or ancestral curses.

ABIKUN means, “born-dies” or “dies prematurely” without growing to achieve anything in life. People believe they are reincarnations of same soul; therefore, parents invest resources in trying to rid the family of the curse. However, science has identified these children to be sufferers of sickle cell anemia, rather than bearing ancestral curses.

Children Endowed With Special Powers—Oboiro Not “IGBAKHUAN

IGBAKHUAN, a pejorative term, is another set of children whose performance they credit to witchcraft or ancestral curses. People not familiar with idea of Oboiro, associate Oboiro with them ignorantly; priests, magicians, and cultists have called him IGBAKHUAN disparagingly to his face before broadcast of his being The Oboiro. Some still say it to provoke him.

Some “IGBAKHUAN” display talent of prophecy or extrasensory perception (ESP) as does The Oboiro, without training or initiation, this often from tender age. Some children display extraordinary spiritual or intellectual craft (re genius), far beyond their age, and above understanding and expectations of adults. General observation is these children see too much spiritually or make statements above their age—probably too much for their good.

Oboiro has experience on this line. His mother was a traditional midwife. She inherited the practice from her grandmother who lived in the fourth quarter of nineteenth century. She had reputation; women who seemed barren came to her for help. She told him, Oboiro-to-be would welcome some by greeting them as “mama Osaro” (mother of Osaro), for example. She, a stranger seeking his mother's help have a first child. She said people used to laugh this away. However, it often turned out the woman would bear a child and name it Osaro. Other examples of his “seeing too much” made her try to “heal, cure, or redeem” him, on advice of relatives and mates. She failed for reasons beyond scope of this page.

Oboiro-to-be has developed to become The Oboiro. Thanks to his mother's failure at trying to “cure” him. Were, for example, Bill Gates, Einstein, Marx Plank, and Mozart “cured” or murdered as “witch-children”, they would not have pioneered various fields for advancement of humankind.

Among so-called witch-children are spiritually talented children who would be geniuses and agents of manifestation of miraculous powers for benefit of humankind. The idea of witchcraft ought not to have been associated with them, a situation that we must address and damages undone.

Draw Attention To Abuse Of “Divinely Marked Chosen Children”

Uncanny wall of silence surrounds the abuse of children accused of witchcraft. Join to pull down the ‘wall of silence' around the abuse of children accused of witchcraft. Share with us if you have ever been accused of being a witch as a child or as adult. Did your parents or relations try to redeem you from evil powers in your childhood? Do you know others who suffered such fate? Some children are in remand homes (and other facilities) because ostracized for being sorcerers, bearers of ancestral curses, or mediums of damaging happenings or IDUNAN. Do you know any of such children anywhere? Do you know parents or adults who ostracized their children, wards, church or shrine members, or neighbors for reasons related to witchcraft accusations, or of being mediums or agents of the devil? Have you heard such stories? What would your reaction be, if you knew? What should parents or society do with such children?

Report abuses of children accused of witchcraft to us please. We will respect your privacy and keep your identity secret. Besides, you can use a false name if you are sure of your story and sending us images or other proofs. Please do not send down-loadable files, any zipped files, or links.

Join In Re-branding “Witch-Child”

Calling them witch-Child or Witchcraft-Children stigmatizes them. We must change this to what they truly are, namely, Divinely Marked Chosen Children, chosen for having genius spirits, as Oboiro-spirit, rather than witchcraft spirits. Help educate the public change their attitudes; changing the brand would go a long way to achieving this. Stop the causes (persecution), and that would modify IDUNAN (as reaction).

Believing these children bear entities that one could beat or burn out of them is misconception. So is belief in exorcism as practiced in USA and advanced countries. Children will never confess if they have nothing to confess, or do not understand what you want them to confess; they do not understand IDUNAN. Sound alternative to superstitious beliefs is education of the public by letting them realize advancement in ethics, science, and technology. Example is belief crises owing to sickle cell or premature death of children (from particular family), owed to ancestral curse; science shows it was owing to sickle cell anemia that can be managed with blood transfusion and other scientific interventions.

Above all, let them know that IDUNAN as catastrophes associated with “Divinely Marked Chosen Children” are not the fault of the children. It is a mystery. IDUNAN is not under their control. The powers about the children are divine and above other powers; therefore, only cure is to seek cooperation with source of IDUNAN and Oboiro powers through AAC. Do not let your religious faith or other commitments becloud your understanding. No soul can hide from IDUNAN or cataclysm of end of the world except to cooperate as we reveal mysteries here and elsewhere in our project.

Alternatives To Exorcism

Treatment of “Accused Witchcraft-Children” under “witchcraft” aimed at CURING them, or exorcising genii out of the children, do not work. Refusing to recognize the links between the disastrous happenings and Accused Witchcraft-Children is not helping the children—placards of “we are no wizards, we are children” attracts attention, and is good; however, that does not go far enough. Neither exorcism nor brutalizing the children works. We ought not to ignore linking events blamed on the children with humankind in general, it will prove imprudent in the end; instead, we should consider children only as special case in a matter species wide.

Although imagining the problems under witchcraft is misleading, leaving the problems unresolved will not help the children. Displaced children rescued or saved from persecution are just growing older in remand homes and other emergency facilities like refugees, without resolving underlying problems of evidence (IDUNAN).

Problems involved of course are multiphased, multiracial, and owe to multicauses. We hope, therefore, people will be broad-minded to consider other model of reference as we introduce on this website. At least, it is worth considering if working under it, we can cope with the preliminary phase of rescuing and rehabilitating children priesthood, sorcerers, and necromancers terrorized.

Spiritual problems appearing among Africans and descendants in particular seem aggravated, owing to witchcraft as model. Their cosmology and metaphysics does not include traditions or religions of the Prophets or religion of the book. They are a people or race of “African-the-Ebo-Maker”. Oboiro was once classified among such children; although he escaped the ordeal and damnation, he shares their ancestry and will share solutions with others. Mysteries revealed to him are that devastating happenings associated with Accused Witchcraft-Children and bottled up fury in people are the same. So also are the sources of failure in life that owe to spiritual, psychological, or psychiatric problems. We heal people with “Special Spiritual Needs (SSN). We will wipe our ancestral curses from your life by releasing the miraculous powers in you.

The West can hardly understand, because their responses to the phenomena are conditioned on other paradigm, yet concerns are universal. They may not yet understand the link between devastating happenings, on one hand, and the working of human minds (including minds of children), on the other hand. For example, some may group external devastating happenings under global warming, while grouping internal version under psychological, or psychiatric problems. The world will eventually be compelled to respond for own safety and survival, because divine purpose of IDUNAN. They confront the world with EVIDENCE.

Mission Statement

Priesthood, church, traditionalists, sorcerers, necromancers, demonologists, and other African people accuse children of witchcraft for exercising mystical powers they do not understand. Witchcraft predators use Children-Victims for rituals. They use human blood and body parts as ingredients in witchcraft or voodoo practices, in quest for wealth and power.

We will separate the children from their tormentors; deliver them from shrines and banks of human body parts (used as ingredients in witchcraft practice or rituals). Establish and run with them, a commune as “Aruokun Commune for Gifted Children” (ACGC). We will help the children gain control over forces, energies, and mystical powers they otherwise accessed naturally without understanding. Heal the children of “ancestral curses” they contacted in shrines, temples, or by living with “ritualists”. These include curing them of potions they ate; undo oaths they took or curses put on them; cancel spells cast at them as preparation to be sacrificed in ritual murder.  We will cleanse them of contamination or corruption of spirit and souls without physical violence or cowing them. Alternative to trying to exorcise “witch” from them is rehearsal in Aruokun Commune For Gifted Children (ACGC)

Give them secular education as part of rehabilitating them to prepare them for living in modern society. Teach them doctrine of gaining control without physical violence and living under UGR (Universal Golden Rule). Train and guide them in IDUNAN mysteries.

Be part of Aruokun Commune. Contact us.

Rehabilitated children will rise to join in coordinating mystical powers (Ebo) that had worked on their behalf without deliberate inputs from them. We should work so they do not come to revenge their suffering; this would depend on IDUNAN people around them will continue to trigger. Stop the causes (persecution); the effects (IDUNAN in outside world, and rage within psyche) would end.

So far, Oboiro only reads about, or hears people trying to reach the spirit inside people by punishing, mutilating their bodies, or through ordeals. We offer alternatives, namely, rehearsals at Aruokun Commune to start healing process from within.

(See Possessing spirit of genius a curse?  Genis spirit I, Part II, Part IIIConclusion

See Save So-called Child-Witch from persecutors here

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