Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

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AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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Healing Deliverance And Salvation In Aruokun



Mystery, Reality, and Hope

 “We thank our head(s)”

People should enjoy unbroken harmony, peace, freedom, happiness, and prosperity, according to Master Plan of founders of the world. Founders of world handed administration of world to few of our forebears. Some evil ancestors broke away from the Master Plan to establish alternative world for them where they would be gods and worshiped. Evil ancestors interfere with harmony, peace . . . prosperity to blackmail people and extort sacrifices to appease them. People are now confused for so much evil surrounds us all in this world. Consequently, humankind now need and seek to overcome them through healing, deliverance, psychic defense, protection, and spiritual guidance. People rely on evil ancestors for all these owing to ignorance. We wish you NOT to rely on, and worship in error, evil ones among ancestors. This website is your guide to discover alternatives and replacing your bond with evil ancestors with unity in junction of Aruokun and provident powers.

  • Divine founders of OSAGBAYE (the spiritual Earth, mystical universe of reality, mysteries, life, spirituality, and prosperity) populated it with archetypal ancestors, forebears of humankind. These had pure spirits or souls we call osa (lowercase). Founders and people were in harmonious relationship. Owing to bad behavior of our forebears, the founders separated and left our archetypal ancestors behind. Master Plan remained and everything worked according to Master Plan.
  • Some beings revolted millennia later and started a separate reality on Earth, outside the Master Plan. Maleficent Order Of Ancestors (MalOrCestor) emerged
  • They bred people different from archetypal ancestors and descendants. They imbued them with spirits conjured from nadir worlds including plant and animal kingdoms. These include kingdoms of reptiles (e g snakes, crocodiles, alligators, etc.), mammals (e g pigs, cow, dogs, monkey, rodents, etc.), birds (e g vultures, hawk, condors, etc.) or fish and creatures of the seas including mermaids and mamiwater. They also bred variously from outside these and created a reality or kingdom of hybrid spirits and demons. Their creations shared nature with spirits that include river or water spirits, spirits of the forest or pristine countryside, spirits of hills and mountains. Their descendants have ancestors from these. Which of these might you be worshipping in error?
  • We consequently have tradition in Africa that souls or spirits of newborn babies come from various worlds and kingdoms that include kingdoms of animals, plants, river spirits, spirits of forests or pristine countryside, hills, and mountains described above. Shrines abound today where “ancestor” is any of python, turtle, crocodile, alligator, and other animals. Some “ancestors” are trees as Iroko, Cotton Tree (Okha), and other huge trees and plants; they could also be reeds. My people are now confused for so much evil surrounds us all in this world.
  • They engineer psyche of people at shrines with generic name of Vlekete Shrines, to perpetuate personality of people with hybrid spirits from the nadir worlds of plants, animals, and water. Ours is now a population of confused people who have Special Spiritual Needs (SSN). Majority of people, confused, bewitched or bound by spells, became ancestor worshipers owing to initiations into cults of these demons; they worship a mixture of DEAD forebears of humankind bred by founders of the world on one hand, and ancestor population of a mixture where hybrid demons and spirits predominate.
  • To say differentiating among various beings and spiritual forms of universes represented in Junction of Aruokun is difficult, would be understatement. Benevolent and maleficent spirits share junction of ARUOKUN with provident OKUN and others. The ways that meet on OKE ARUOKUN as cross-universes originate in various worlds/universes. This is a mystery above human understanding that was revealed to us as part of mandate of The Oboiro. Human beings on their own cannot deliver you or heal you. ETF will guide us through revelations in Aruokun Home Version, until salvation at transcendent Aruokun (erinmwin Aruokun etebite). Your head in conjunction with Provident OKUN and others we point out for you to acknowledge will heal and deliver you by grace.
  • Healing in Aruokun focuses on deliverance from these other worlds and kingdom of hybrid demons and creatures. We unleash the miraculous powers that inhere in you since starting of OSAGBAYE.
  • Everyone is born with new osa that come from primal sources; the priesthood corrupts these through mundane initiation. Converting the resultant hybrid spirits in current population is a process of sublimation through divine-initiation. This takes time; only those who work diligently at deliverance will succeed. We provide means and opportunities as ARUOKUN Sessions under mandate of the Oboiro according to divine plan.
  • Healing, delivering, or converting world will mark return of humankind to Master Plan.  That task is not for us, but for founders who started OSAGBAYE according to Master Plan, and extraterrestrial forms (ETF) or CUSTODIANS. Our duty is to inform and rehearse with those who seek that some may be worthy to be saved.


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