Eze (Brook) n ‘ EMIMIKPO


The book is EITHER for those who seek or need genuine help from professionals as Social Workers, Counselors, Mental/Spiritual Healers, Psychiatrists, and Priests.


The Book is for you if you are tired of running, whether you do not find the path or have lost the path, whether you seek or need power for freedom.


The Book is for Students of Religion/Ethnic & Tribal, Ethno-psychology, or African American/History and Anthropology.


Others are Students in comparative Religion, mysticism, and soul sciences.

1. Let US PRAY
 Guide To Destiny Control Through Praying

This Book serves four primary purposes, namely, (i) A lacuna exists in the literature on African religious predisposition, mentality, metaphysics, pragmatic philosophy, ethics, mysticism, and government. This Book contributes toward breaching that gap.

(ii) People subscribed until now to varieties of rites, rituals, idolatry, fetishism, cultism, superstitions, and the muddled aggregate of them. It does not contain a revealed coherent message about mysteries. We had no unifying theology or formulated metaphysics that weaves the various elements into a gestalt. People consequently drifted through life at the mercy of soothsayers, priests, impostors, and allied fraudsters. This Book serves as guide to such people.

(iii) We as people are CO-administrators of OSAGBAYE, the mystical universe. We therefore seek intuitively to pray and create as creators who CONTROL destiny. You ought to be fully in charge and responsible for what you create through praying. You can decree or call events into manifestation every time when you know how as I reveal in this Book.

(iv) Life on Earth is to prepare us for the journey from physical world as ORIGIN, through OSAGBAYE (world of reality, mysteries, and life), to transcendent SOURCE from where universe began. This Book will be a companion for true seekers.

2. Secrets Of Oboiro: Testimony Of R. Dahra Hargaalga Sr. (The Oboiro)--Includes mysteries of communication with extraterrestrial forms. It is FREE

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